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What Are the Best Fabrics for Quilting?

Some quilters choose their quilting fabric from the same collection of kinds of cotton at the fabric store every time. Others may have experimented with every type and weight of cloth available to see what happens! When it comes to selecting the best fabrics for quilting, you have a lot of alternatives. This guideline should help you choose whether to try something new and when it’s best to stay with something a bit more convenient if you haven’t found the middle ground where you have many colors and designs to pick from without throwing the entire pattern out of whack.

Top 4 Best Fabrics for Quilting

Quilter’s weight cotton is a high-quality fabric that is often recommended for quilting. Even the best option might provide difficulties for novices because it is prone to shrinking, albeit not as much as cheaper cotton. It’s also less likely that the higher-quality cotton would bleed when it’s washed. All it takes is for a bright or deep color to seep into the white cloth to utterly destroy all of your hard work. It was laundering the cloth before quilting is one method to avoid these problems.

Cotton Decorating Fabric

Decorator textiles made of cotton are thicker and generally have a sateen texture. While these fabrics lack the drape of lighter-weight fabrics, they are suitable for quilted home decorations and some accessories. For example, a thicker, heavier fabric is ideal for placemats, tote bags, and toss cushions. Use lower-weight batting for the greatest results.


Linen is a textile produced from the flax plant and is freely woven, absorbent, and linked with cooling. Although many people appreciate the textured look of linen, it may be difficult to work within quilts. Because of the open weave, it is easy to unravel, resulting in defects in the end product, especially when washed.

Quilter’s linen, an all-cotton fabric with the same appearance and texture as the original fabric but no issues, is a superior alternative. Essex Linen by Robert Kaufman is a wonderful option since it offers high-quality quilter linen in various colors and designs. The fabric is a linen and cotton combination with natural fibers.

Cotton Flannel

Flannel comes in a wide variety of solids and patterns, and it’s a fantastic fabric for quilting on its own or in combination with other fabrics. Because it is soft and cuddly, many people choose flannel to make baby quilts, but it is also an excellent fabric for quilts that appeal to people of all ages.


Voile is a smooth, silky, and slightly translucent lightweight cotton. The fabric has been popular for producing clothing for many years, but it has recently gained appeal as quilting fabric. It may be used with quilting weight cotton, as the quilt top’s single fabric, or as a backing.

Stick with high-quality materials produced particularly for quilting when selecting fabrics for your quilt. Use materials that are comparable in weight and will function equally well when cleaned together.

Discount kinds of cotton may be a fantastic deal for setting up your quilt pattern, but they may shrink or lose color, destroying all of your hard work. To add interest to the overall design, keep your fabric selections near the same weight and use various colors, patterns, or finishes.