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Best Sewing Machine for a 8-10 Year Old Child [Reviews]

To enhance your kids’ creative side, one of the best things you can do is teach them to sew and then see how many unique patterns and designs they create.

However, finding the best sewing machine for an 8-10-year-old child is quite a task as they can’t tell themselves which features they want in their sewing machines. We also cannot predict if the child will be able to adapt to the sewing machine.

So, it is important to find the right sewing machine so that any 8-10 year child will have an ongoing interest in sewing, develop his/her craft, and continue to take up projects to enhance their creative side.

You can look at the features that the different sewing machines offer and then decide which one will make sewing the most pleasurable for your child.

In a hurry? Here are my top 7 picks of the best sewing machines for an 8-10-year-old child:

Learn more about the overview, pros & cons below.

How to Choose the Best Sewing Machine for a 10-Year-Old Beginner?

To choose the best sewing machine for a 10-year-old beginner, you should consider a wide range of factors such as stitch types, bobbin system, speed control, threading, etc.

Kids often require a sewing machine that is simple and easy to use when they begin sewing. Also, one of the top priorities must be safety. You must give a child a machine that does not overwhelm them and gets their interests up.

Here are a few factors you need to consider before getting your 10-year-old their sewing machine—

#1. Speed control

Some children, especially younger ones, have difficulty using the foot pedal. So, the best option here is to use a push-button model.

If you are using a push-button model, you might want to invest in a consistent speed machine.

This will ensure that the garments will be made with accuracy, and the whole control won’t be lost that isn’t there while not using a foot pedal.

#2. Bobbin system

The bobbin system plays a major role in developing or hindering the interest in sewing. If a child is unable to wind the bobbin, then this leads to them not being able to sew.

Therefore, having an automatic drop-in bobbin winding system is better for your child’s sewing machine.

#3. Sewing machine types: computerized or mechanical

Basically, there are two types of sewing machines—mechanical and computerized. Mechanical sewing machines are simpler and easier to use, as they have a limited number of options.

The computerized sewing machines might be overwhelming for children because of the wide range of options they present.

#4. Stitch number and types

It is recommended to choose a sewing machine that does not have too many or too few stitch numbers and types as too little will not allow the child to experiment with various patterns and designs, and too many will get the child confused.

#5. Threading

Another important factor to definitely consider is threading. It is best to get a sewing machine with an automatic needle threader because it is difficult for most children to thread the needle themselves. It might lead them to lose interest in sewing quickly.

Top 7 Best Sewing Machine For A 10-Year-Old Beginner

#1. Singer 1304 Free-Arm Sewing Machine for Beginners

Singer 1304 is a sewing machine that makes it easy for kids to thread it. Also, the machine’s etched diagrams give kids a step-by-step process to follow while doing most of the machine tasks.

In this model, the children can easily select the stitch type that they want to use. The stitch selector dial is easy to access and use. It also features a one-step auto-size buttonhole feature that lets children create buttonholes with ease.

Moreover, children can get highly creative with the 6 built-in stitches available. The stitches are satin, blind hem, zig-zag, straight, buttonhole and scallop. Along with these, you also get 3 presser feet that are included.

This includes an all-purpose foot a child can use for most of their general sewing projects. The other two presser feet included are the buttonhole foot for sewing buttonholes and the zipper foot for sewing zippers.

This sewing machine is made of a heavy metal frame. Therefore, you can be sure that it will last your child for multiple years.

The machine’s construction is also so designed that it allows a child to avoid skipping issues and align projects in an orderly manner.

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#2. Brother SM1738D Sewing Machine

The Brother SM1738D sewing machine for kids has a drop-in bobbin system. So, it is easy for children to set up the bobbin and also prevent jams.

One of this sewing machine’s best features is that there are diagrams on the stitch selector dial, which help the children select the right stitch they want.

Also, the stitch length and width are automatically taken care of so that sewing becomes simple and easy.

This model also has 17 built-in stitches that allow kids to be as creative as they like and try out different stitches and experiment, thereby improving their sewing skills.

With these multiple stitches available, children are also likely to develop an interest in sewing that goes well into their adult lives.

A free arm feature lets the kids sew items with small openings, like cuffs and sleeves.

This machine also comes along with 4 presser feet—the buttonhole foot, zipper foot, zig-zag foot, and the button sewing foot. This ensures that children use them and sew with ease.

There are 4 Disney themed faceplates that can be chosen according to your preference to make it extra exciting for kids.

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#3. Janome Pink Sorbet Easy-to-Use Kids Sewing Machine

Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine ensures that all the children can feed fabric into their machines with ease. To make sure this happens, it comes with a 3 piece feed dog system. This lets children be more precise with their sewing.

There are 15 built-in stitches in this machine. This allows the kids to explore a wide range of patterns, sew various things like décor, quilts, and create some sewing designs.

Along with this model, you get 4 presser feet—one for general sewing projects and the other three for blind hemming, zipper, and buttonhole. Therefore, children can create a variety of projects with these feet available to them.

Children can control the length and width of their stitches by using a dial. It is effortless to use, and it also gives children complete control to experiment and practice with a wide range of settings.

The front-load bobbin is another great feature embedded in this machine. This allows children to access it easily, even when their fabric is under the presser foot.

Users of this machine have mentioned that this machine is very durable. This is because the frame on the inside is built with heavy grade metal.

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#4. Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is one that a child can use from them being a child to a teenager. It is a feature-rich machine that is also beginner-friendly.

The Brother XM2701 sewing machine has 27 built-in stitches, which allow a child to unleash their creativity and do a lot of sewing projects. It also features an auto-size one-step buttonhole.

This machine has a free arm function to sew in short spaces. Along with this, it has a drop-in bobbin system that makes it easy for children to access and use the bobbin.

The sewing machine is light in weight, making it easy for a child to carry it to places, maybe even a sewing class.

The LED light at the sewing area lets the child see clearly while sewing and ensures fewer mistakes being made. Also, this machine comes with a 25-year warranty. This makes it one of the best machines to invest in.

The simple and easy to follow manual and the instructional DVD lets your child understand and easily operate the sewing machine.

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#5. Singer Tradition 2277 Kids Sewing Machine

The Singer Tradition 2277 Kids sewing machine is a truly kid-friendly sewing machine. It is also a beginner-friendly model.

The number of stitch types that this model has is 23, and 19 of them are decorative. This allows the kids to get creative with their sewing projects and do them with different stitches.

It also features an automatic needle threader, a great option for kids as they often need help in threading the needle. The free arm included lets the kids sew with ease in short spaces.

The one-step auto-size buttonhole feature lets children easily sew buttonholes without them having to learn a much more difficult pattern to sew buttonholes.

The frame of this machine is made of metal, and this ensures that it is durable. It also has a reverse sewing option.

The machine comes with a 25-year warranty. It also has a speed control dial that lets children sew at their comfortable speed.

Along with this, various presser feet were included and a dust cover to protect the machine from dust and dirt.

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#6. Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine

Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine is a durable and light machine made from aluminum.

It has a 3 piece feed dog system and also a heavy-duty metal frame. The number of built-in stitches in this machine is 15. This lets kids explore the various stitch types and understand the type of stitches best for different projects.

It also has adjustable stitch length and width. This makes it easier for kids to sew at the length and width of their choice. The high presser foot lift lets kids reach and access it with ease.

There are 4 snap-on presser feet included, which help children in doing a wide range of projects.

The maximum stitch speed that this machine can go up to is 800 stitches per minute. It is not only easy to use, but it also has the right features for children.

It allows the kids to make high-quality clothes with its multiple stitches and also its automatic needle threader.

You can also make a buttonhole in just 4 easy steps. This machine is portable and compact. Children can easily carry them to their sewing classes.

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#7. Brother CS6000i Computerized Kids Sewing Machine

Brother CS6000i Computerized Kids sewing machine is an ideal one for intermediate sewers. It is a top-choice sewing machine with 60 built-in stitches and 7 one-step auto-size buttonhole styles.

Children can easily adjust the length and width of their stitches. Also, it has an LCD that lets you see the stitch options. The drop-in bobbin is jam-resistant, and this model comes with several accessories.

There is also an LED light that illuminates the workspace so that children can clearly see what they are doing, which reduces their chances of making mistakes. The free arm allows one to sew cuffs and collars.

Another great feature of this sewing machine is the automatic needle threader. This reduces the effort and time and lets the child focus on creativity and design. This model can also be used for quilts.

Apart from this, there are also about 20 decorative stitches that can be used for non-clothing projects.

This is a sewing machine that will last for years and one that you can easily use well into your adulthood.

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At what age can a child use a sewing machine?

To answer the question of the best age a child can use a sewing machine, we have to say that it depends on the child’s interest.

However, we have found that at 6 years old, a child is old enough to use a sewing machine with adult supervision.

At the age of 8, many children are responsible for using a sewing machine without any supervision. An advantage of starting early is more time to enhance skills in the realm of sewing.

How to get your kids to fall in love with sewing?

To get your kids to fall in love with sewing, you need to adapt to their pace, work together on projects that interest them, motivate them, and use positive reinforcements and rewards to finish a project.

Along with this, you need to let them be when they switch their attention to something else while sewing. If forced, they might lose interest completely. Incomplete projects can be picked right off where left later on.

#1. For 6-10 Years Old Kids

For kids of this age range, you should work with them on straightforward and small projects that can be finished in one sitting itself. These kids have a short attention span, and so it is ideal to have shorter projects.

Hand sewing is ideal for them. However, you can also get them a kid’s sewing machine. You might also have to do all the cutting yourself to ensure safety and make it easy for them.

If they want to do the cutting themselves, get a finger guard and supervise at all times.

Extreme patience is needed when dealing with kids of this age range.

End the session if you notice that their interest level has dropped. You can always finish the project another time. They need to have fun. Also, don’t take this session seriously.

#2. For 10-13 Years Old Kids

Kids of this age range are usually comfortable using a sewing machine. If they are not initially, they will start soon. The ideal projects for this age range are, again, what they are interested in sewing.

However, it is best to stick to things that involve stitching in straight lines.

Headbands, pillowcases, scarves, drawstring bags, and doll blankets are some of the projects that can be made easily. To unleash their creativity, they can even make monster dolls.

By the age of 12, they must be ready to learn to read and sew commercial patterns.

#3. For Kids Over 13 Years Old

Above 13 years of age, your kids must be able to use a computerized sewing machine or a full-fledged sewing machine. Now is the time to introduce them to elaborate and intricate patterns.

The ideal sewing projects for kids of this age range include altering their clothes, sewing their clothes, embroidery, quilting, and making tote bags. They can even start working with elastics. At this age, they can also make stuffed animals.

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