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Brother 1034D Serger Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Brother 1034D is a beginner-friendly serging machine that offers high-quality edge finishing. The model thrives with many interesting features that make it preferable even amongst the professionals looking for an industrial finish.

Brother 1034D is also a handy serger machine for all sewists irrespective of their experience level. It offers a maximum speed of 1300 stitches per minute, and the stitches can be customized in terms of their width, length, and thread tension.

The machine is featured by a color-coded threading system that supports 3-4 threads resulting in around 22 stitch options. It can support 3-4 threads while performing rolled hem, ribbon lock, blind hem, overlock, pintuck, narrow hem, and flatlock.

Brother 1034D encompasses a differential fabric feed system that can be set to a suitable value. This imparts it the ability to sew a wide variety of fabrics ranging from thin, light-weighted knits to thick, heavy-weighted denim.

This serger is characterized by an LED-lit workspace that aids you to sew materials even in dark and low-lit places. In this model, the knife blade is easily retractable and does not pose a threat to your sewing. The free arm supplied can be easily removed or attached on a need basis.

Besides, the machine comes with a lot of accessories that aid in quick and hassle-free serging. Furthermore, there is even a built-in storage space that aids you keep your workplace free from clutter.

What I Like About Brother 1034D Serger

I like the ease with which the machine can be deployed to users. Although being a dedicated serger, it is neither difficult to learn nor very costly.

I love the color coding threading mechanism offered by the machine that makes its threading extremely easy. Further, I do like its ability to support multi-threads as it provides extra wings to my creativity!

What I Don’t Like

I don’t like the quality of the instructional video as it is not of satisfactory resolution. This strains my eyes more than when I stitch!

Further, I am disappointed as the rolled hemming feature cannot be used on thicker fabrics like denim.

Yet another drawback is to do with the positioning of controls. Most of these are located on the machine’s left side, hindering the operation speed for right-handers, like me!

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Who Is Brother 1034D Serger Best For?

This machine can be easily put-to-use by anyone; may it be a beginner or an expert. Its threading mechanism is easy to follow as it is color-coded and supported by the lower looper threading system.

Further, you don’t need special needles and can learn all that is necessary from the instructional CD and manual. These characteristics complement its user-friendly nature and thus make it suitable for all sorts of people.

What Fabrics Can Brother 1034D Serger Work Well on?

This machine works well with a wide variety of fabrics starting from stretchy, thin knits to thicker denim, silk, Lycra, and Spandex.

Nonetheless, to produce quality stitches, you should set its differential fabric feed ratio to a suitable value. The range is to be decided depending on the fabric’s thickness and must lie in the range of 0.7 to 2.0.


Brother 1034D Serger is laden with many attractive features that make it attractive amongst the professional and hobbyist sewers.

#1. Built-in Stitch

Brother 1034D Serger comes with 22 built-in stitch patterns that include rolled hem, 4-thread overlock, blind hemming, ribbon lock, narrow hemming, pintucks, flatlock, and 3-thread overlock.

There are even specialized functions that aid in the easy creation of Spaghetti straps, heirloom tape applications, lace designs, ruffles, decorative edges, home decoration crafts, and attractive wearables.

#2. Adjustable Stitch Width

In Brother 1034D Serger, the stitch width can be adjusted up to 2 mm, ranging from 5 mm to 7 mm. The feature is incorporated in a rotatable dial with the lowest limit at its left and the maximum at its right.

This option aids you in customizing the seams as per your requirement, assuring unique designs each time you sew. As a result, you can set the width to best suit your requirement, maybe while stitching, embellishing, or overlocking.

#3. Free Arm

The model comes with a free arm that can be easily set or removed from the main machine. With the free arm fixed, you can easily slide the cylindrical items into the machine and sew them without difficulty.

This feature of Brother 1034D becomes extremely handy when you wish to sew one layer of the fabric without affecting the other, as in narrow items like sleeves, trouser legs, cuffs, and kid’s clothing.

#4. Needles

Brother 1034D Serger machine is compatible with most of the standard needles available in the market. The preferred ones are the standard SCHMETZ 130/705H needles that suit most of the machines.

However, any needle that fits a standard stitching machine would work well on this model too. As a result, you need not worry about having a dedicated specialized needle set!

Other Accessories

Brother 1034D Serger is supplied with many accessories like needle set, trim trap, multi-purpose guide foot, cleaning brush, tweezers, trim trap, hex wrench, 4 spool nets, softcover, operation manual, an instructional CD, gathering foot and foot controller.

These help you to accomplish specialized sewing actions at great ease, ensuring a smooth and high-end finish.

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Alternatives to Brother 1034D

Having discovered prominent features of Brother 1034D Serger, it is time to look at some of its competitive models that offer similar features.

#1. Singer Finishing Touch 14SH654 Serger

Singer finishing touch 14SH654 serger is just like Brother 1034D as it offers a maximum speed of 1300 stitches per minute and a color-coded threading system that supports the use of 3-4 threads.

This machine comes with a differential fabric feed system, free arm, adjustable thread tensioner, and stitch personalizer. Both machines offer superior quality blind hems, overcasts, attractive trims, rolled hems, and overlocks.

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