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Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 Sewing Machine Review and Alternatives for 2021

Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 is a long-arm sewing machine that can be used for quilting. It is also a computerized sewing machine that offers 351 types of stitch patterns and 4 kinds of font styles. Its maximum stitch speed of 1050 stitches per minute make it industry compatible.

The machine is equipped with a start/stop button, automatic threader, advanced thread trimmer, thread tension adjuster, stitch lock setting, separate bobbin winding motor, 6 LEDs, and stitch save/recall function.

Besides, HZL-NX7 is characterized by many advanced systems like box feed mechanism, presser foot pivot function, and twin needle sewing. Some of these salient features in conjunction with other prominent ones are elaborated here below for your better understanding.

Features of Juki Kirei HZL-NX7

#1. Interchangeable Single Needle

Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 is characterized by a single needle system that helps you to stitch perfect straight seams. The system is completely interchangeable with the standard feed dog, throat plate, and the presser foot.

This assures the smooth movement of the fabric without a push, pull, or bunching, resulting in industry-standard finishing used to close the edges, curves, or fabric layers.

#2. Juki Smart Feed (JSF)

The smart feed system of Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 helps to move several layers of the fabric exactly in-sync underneath the needle. It greatly aids in the high-standard sewing of quilts and multi-layered cloths by preventing their undesired shifting.

This system works extremely well with a feed setting of 0.2 mm, assuring well-finished, quality-laden end products.

#3. Foot Lite Function

Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 supports a foot lite function that automatically lifts the presser foot to aid fabrics’ placement once you stop sewing. The needle would have then made it stop in the down position, and the fabric would move through the needle smoothly.

Thus, this function helps you stitch high-standard seams through the quilts, appliques, and velvets, even along the corners.

#4. Color Touch Panel

The color touch panel fitted on the Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 helps you customize the machine’s settings to your needs. It is intuitive and displays the chosen information both in digital and graphical form.

It can be used to select the desired stitch pattern, mode of thread trimming, presser foot pressure, thread tension, and pivot function style.

#5. Bobbin Thread Counter

Juki Kirei HZL-NX7’s internal system keeps an account of the bobbin thread used and displays it numerically on the panel.

The calculation is based on the stitch’s length, and the seam stitched, displaying a warning message when 20% of the thread remains. This lets you concentrate more on your sewing, getting relieved from the tension of bobbin thread breakage.

#6. Thread Tension Setting

The thread’s tension should be set to an optimal value to ensure evenly spaced stitches, free from jitter. In Juki Kirei HZL-NX7, this can be effortlessly accomplished just by pressing easy-to-push buttons.

This helps customize the thread tension to make it best fit the type of stitch chosen, creating a smooth, attractive finish on your masterpiece!

#7. Juki Dual Feed

Juki dual feed feature helps to sew light materials easily without letting them slip out of control. The dual feed supporting upper dogs can be easily installed using the supplied T-screwdriver.

When put-to-use, the dual feed system assures high-quality standard seams, free from thread pull/push, thus increasing the final product’s beauty.

#8. Throat Plate

The throat plate of Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 is graduated to include a fine guided scale and an angle scale. This helps you measure the desired length of the fabric readily without looking for a separate measuring tape.

Further, this helps you to sew the cloth at a particular distance from its edge, at the preferred angle, if any.

#9. Electronic Knee Lifting Control Mechanism

In Juki Kirei HZL-NX7, you can use the electronic knee lifter to raise or lower the presser foot’s position without having to lift your hands from the fabric.

The attachment makes the sewing of elastic or ribbon extremely handy on the fabric, imbibing a professional touch to the equipment, making it preferable over other similar models.

#10. Electronic Feed Dog Control Mechanism

The position of the feed dogs in Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 can be changed electronically through its touch panel. These feed dogs can be lowered by raising the presser foot and vice versa.

These feed dogs can even be dropped if you choose to opt for free-motion sewing, aiding in the materialization of complex designs that take birth in your mind!

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Additional Function of Juki Kirei HZL-NX7

Besides those mentioned above, Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 offers many additional functions like those mentioned below.

#1. Foot Switch Function

In Juki Kirei HZL-NX7, you can customize foot controls to suit the best need. The foot’s heel side can be set to trim the threads, sew a single stitch, lift the presser foot, or reverse the stitch.

The ease of operation just by pressing the foot gives you more control over the sewing as it leaves your hands free to handle the cloth materials rather than press the push buttons.

#2. Presser Foot Pivot Function

Presser foot pivot function of Juki Kirei HZL-NX7, if selected, sets the needle in the down position and the presser foot in the raised position once you stop sewing. Likewise, the presser foot will be lowered automatically when the sewing is resumed.

This facilitates easy movement of the fabric underneath the needle plate, assuring continuous, smooth stitches all along the seam.

#3. Free Motion Sewing

The free-motion sewing capability of Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 can be enabled by dropping the standard feed dogs of the machine when desired.

This helps you move the cloth along any desired direction at great ease, adding a golden feather to your creative thoughts, resulting in astonishingly eye-catchy designs.

#4. Improved Stitch Pattern

Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 provides improved stitch patterns along its seams. The desired pattern can easily be chosen by adjusting the selection dial and personalizing them in width and length.

Further, better seams can be created by adjusting the needle position, setting the thread tension, and horizontal or vertical flipping.

#5. Float Function

The float function helps to sew with the presser foot slightly elevated. This prevents over-pressurization of the cloth layers, especially when multiple layers need stitching.

This results in even stitches along the fabric’s seams, making it free from jitters, stitch skipping, loose threading, bobbin unraveling, and needle de threading.

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The Buttonhole Sensor System of Juki Kirei HZL-NX7

Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 imbibes an advanced buttonhole sensor system that automatically measures the required amount of slit. Furthermore, it even sews its right and left sides evenly, producing superbly finished, attractive buttonholes.


Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 comes with a lot of accessories that ease its setup and deployment. These include

  • Presser feet for standard sewing, open toe stitching, overcasting, manual buttonholing, blind stitching, patchworking, buttonholing, and zipping.
  • Quilt Guide
  • Knee-Lifter
  • 7mm and 1/4″ Guide Foot
  • Auxiliary Box
  • Quilt Presser Foot
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Straight Stitch Throat Plate
  • Needle Set
  • Straight Feed Dog
  • Touch Pen
  • Ripper
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Power Cord
  • Spool Caps
  • Foot Controller
  • Wide Table
  • Sewing Machine Case

#1. Stitch Adjustment & Needle Position Dials

Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 is fitted with a selection dial that enables easy stitch length, width, and needle position. This helps you gain better control over your seam, ensuring high standard work.

#2. Box Feed

Box feed system of Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 helps you obtain greater control over stitching in comparison to arc feed. This ensures high-quality stitching of cloth materials that are extremely thick or thin.

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories forming a part of Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 are

  • Stitch Area Magnifier
  • Invisible Zipper Foot
  • Thread Stand
  • Adapter Shank
  • Quilt Presser Foot Open Type
  • Quilt Presser Foot
  • Button Attaching Presser Foot
  • Cording and Embroidery Foot

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Alternatives to Juki Kirei HZL-NX7

#1. Juki HZl-DX7 Sewing Machine

Juki HZL-DX7 is a computerized Juki-make whose many features resemble that of Juki Kirei HZL-NX7. It offers a maximum stitch speed of 1050 stitches per minute and is featured with a start/stop button, box feed mechanism, float function, and automatic threader and trimmer.

Further, both models offer numerous types of foot control options, supply a wide extension table, support free-motion sewing, come with a speed dial adjuster, are equipped with a knee lifter, and are provided with a free arm.

Nevertheless, there are subtle differences between the two as the DX7 offers 287 types of stitches and 16 types of buttonholes instead of 351 stitch patterns and 20 buttonhole types in NX7.

Besides, in DX7, the automatic bobbin winder stops winding the bobbin once it becomes 2/3rd full. However, in NX7, the automatic bobbin system displays a warning message once the bobbin thread becomes lesser than 20%.

Overall, Juki Kirei HZL-NX7 is a multi-purpose, heavy-duty compatible machine that is worth every penny spent!

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