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Juki MO-6716 Serger Review

The Juki MO-6716S is an industrial-grade overlock machine with two needles and five threads. When you choose the 5-thread safety stitch, you’ll get strong, flexible stitches.

This device, which is almost three times the weight of a portable home serger, can stitch at a rate of up to 7,000 stitches per minute.

This dependable worker is usually supplied as a kit that includes a hefty metal table and a Servo motor.

If you want a blindingly quick, straight overlock stitch machine with no added frills, this could be the machine for you.


  • The Juki MO-6716S’s servo motor minimizes the noise level associated with previous industrial versions.
  • The feed dogs can be adjusted at the touch of a button.
  • Solid metal structure and compatibility with other Juki models.


  • This device can only do basic overlock stitches with three to five threads.
  • Threading the 6716S is a bit of a pain and takes a long time.

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Stitch Options

The stitch lengths for the 3-5 overlock stitches may be changed between 0.8 mm and 4 mm, while the stitch widths can be set between 1.6 mm and 6.4 mm.

Furthermore, the presser foot can be raised to a height of 7 mm, making it much simpler to deal with thick materials or several layers.


  • 7,000 stitches per minute are the maximum speed.
  • 3-5 threads
  • Color-Coded: No
  • LED lighting
  • 60-pound weight
  • Dimensions: 48 inches wide by 20 inches deep by 48 inches high

Servo Motor

In addition to being quieter, the Servo motor consumes up to 90% less energy than typical clutch motors found in other industrial models, even at full speed.

Furthermore, you may put this motor in reverse by just flipping a simple switch.

On this model, you may choose your stitch speed as well. No matter how much pressure you put on the pedal, this serger will not slow down or speed up after it’s finished.

Adjustable Differential Feed

An internal micro-adjustment mechanism is coupled to the exterior control on the Juki MO-6716S’s adjustment features.

You have total control over the feed dogs and feed ratio settings as a result of this.

The differential ratio for gathering may be changed between 1:2 and 1:4, while the differential ratio for stretching can be set between 1:0.7 and 1:0.6. This enables you to get flawless results on a wide range of textiles.

Increased Tension Control

The thread tension control allows for easy tension changes when employing the stitch mode or creating chain-off stitching for ornamental reasons.

When the machine is set to the latter option, it creates a lovely soft-chain chain-off with dependably smooth, even stitches.

Advanced Stitch Control

You may select the number of stitches you want by adjusting the control on the serger’s front panel. You can also select the length of chain-off thread you want at the end of each line of stitching.

When you initially start sewing, you may use this option to select the length of the reduced-tension stitching.

Adjustable Cutting Widths

The overedge seam allowances’ cutting widths may be manually changed between 1.6 mm and 6.4 mm. It’s as simple as releasing a set screw on both the upper and lower knives, selecting the desired setting, and tightening both screws again.


Juki has a well-deserved reputation in the sewing business for creating high-quality machines.

While the 6716S does not have all the high-tech automated features featured in their portable versions, it is a solid overlocker that will last for years.

This serger creates neat, uniform stitches on a broad variety of materials, even at full speed.

This machine is built to last despite its low cost, with a strong, wide metal table and a quiet Servo motor.

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