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About Me

Hi! My name is Olive Borden. I love making my own clothing, and sewing has been a hobby for me since my young age of 16. My goal for this site (Oliveborden.com) is to provide you the most updated information on sewing, designing, embroidery, and garment making.

You can find buying guides, sewing machine reviews, and helpful sewing tips on my site.

I do robust research on market dynamics, product popularity statistics, gather customer reviews of these sewing machines, and then score them, considering the reviews, price, features, and other factors. So you can have better insights into these sewing machines and get to know how the owners feel about their machine, which can help you make a wiser decision.

I hope you can enjoy the content on my site, and it would be great if these articles are helpful to you. You can also find me on Pinterest, LinkedIn, and, Twitter, Medium, Mix, and Quora. But I don’t use Facebook too much.

If you want to contact me for collaboration or other inquiries, please send a message to this email: [email protected].

Happy Sewing!