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Bernette 38 Sewing Machine Review and Comparison 2021

The Bernette 38 Swiss Design Computerized Machine is a stunning advanced sewing model that offers a ton of various features and specifications. This sewing machine is a versatile choice for anyone who wishes to sew a variety of fabrics. It can be used for multiple sewing needs and can be adjusted as per the user requirements.

Though the Bernette 38 sewing machine is on the expensive side, the money is worth all of the features it comes with. The sewing machine features include an automatic thread cutter, which is a big boon for sewers. This feature allows you to carry on with your projects rather than pause to cut the thread.

Also, the machine has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it simple for beginners as well. You can experiment with the collection of stitches that is available to you. Simultaneously, if you are a beginner, then the manual is super easy for you to understand. It has crystal clear instructions along with detailed information about every procedure.

What’s more? The Bernette 38 sewing machine comes with an extended table, which is great for working on huge projects. Last but not least, the sewing machine has an amazingly sleek design, which is a bonus. Let’s have a deeper look at the product.

What Do I Like About Bernette 38?

  • Versatile: The Bernette 38 sewing machine is a versatile model for all of your sewing needs. It is a durable machine that will take care of all your sewing projects. The machine is known to work well with a variety of fabrics and materials.
  • Standard Accessories: This sewing machine comes with sewing feet, presser feet, an extension table, several types of feet, and multiple other accessories that make your process simpler. With the price that the machine comes for, the additional accessories are a relief.
  • Noise: A majority of the sewing machines do produce a lot of noise while in operation. However, the Bernette 38 machine is a winner in that aspect. Even if you use the machine at the topmost speed, the noise is pretty minimal.
  • Easy To Use: This sewing machine has a straightforward interface. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular. It is easy to set the machine up, which is a plus for all beginners.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price: The Bernette 38 is a high priced machine that may not be suitable and affordable for all. Though the machine offers quite many features and functions, it is an investment that you need to look into before buying.
  • No Embroidery Functions: If you do embroidery a lot, then the Bernette 38 sewing machine is not the right choice for you. Though the machine is capable of many features, embroidery is not something it is designed for.
  • Not Portable: The machine is not a portable one as it weighs 20 lbs. If you are always and need the machine along, this one will not be the best option.

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Frame and Design

The Bernette 38 has a classy look that adds to the beauty of the product. It has a white exterior with a black underbelly that displays the elegance of the machine.

It has a craftily designed exterior with clean functions. Simultaneously, the machine has a well-placed LCD and other functions that do not crowd the entire space.

Additionally, the sewing machine has a modern look and appeal to it, which is sure to win over every sewists heart.

The sewing machine has an attractive style, but it is also known to excel in stitches and finishing. Impress your customers with high-quality stitches and finish with the amazing Bernette 38.

Though the machine may be overly priced, every function and feature of the product is totally worth everything. You get the best quality sewing machine with detailed features along with a good warranty as well.

Finally, the machine has a professional quality frame and design that makes it one of the most in-demand machines for all sewers.

What Accessories Are Included?

The Bernette 38 comes packed with several accessories to fit your varied sewing needs.

It comes with 8 types of presser feet that include overlock, zigzag, buttonhole, open toe, button sew-on, blind stitch, and satin stitch. Additionally, the machine comes with an extension table for huge projects.

The machine also has two spool discs, a needle pack, a second spool pin, a screwdriver, a lint brush, a spool net, and four bobbins.

The sewing machine also comes with a hardcover that can cover the machine when not in use. All of these accessories prove to be very helpful in your sewing projects.

What Are The Features of the Bernette 38 Sewing Machine?

#1. Auto Thread Cutter

Who likes to pause their work in between to cut threads? Nobody right. This is exactly why this sewing machine has an auto thread cutter that allows you to continue your work without having to break at intervals.

The auto thread cutter is a smart feature that is a must-have for all sewing machines. It is an ideal function for people who often sew or work with huge projects.

Enjoy no breaks or pause in your work when you sew with the stunning Bernette 38 sewing machine.

#2. Easy & Intuitive To Use

Be it beginners or professionals, the Bernette sewing machine is easy to use. It has a simple interface, which allows for a good start for beginners.

At the same time, the sewing machine is efficient and provides quality stitches. The sewing machine has many stitches and design options that allow you to experiment with your work.

Create the best of stitches with excellent finishing with this versatile sewing machine. Get professional-quality stitches with the easy to use Bernette 38 machine.

#3. User-Friendly Manual

Unlike other boring and overly loaded manuals, the Bernette 38 manual is super simple and straight to the point.

The instruction manual has easy to follow instructions, making it easy for both beginners and professionals to follow.

Simultaneously, the manual has a detailed description of all procedures, methods, and other troubleshooting options.

If you happen to get stuck at any point, a simple glance at the instruction manual will help you sort the problem. A simple and easy to understand instruction manual is a huge benefit.

#4. Sewing Foot Guide

This is another interesting feature that is a must-have for all machines. All you need to do is choose a stitch style, and the machine will guide you on the best foot for the same.

This amazing feature is a great addition to the machine. If you are a beginner and do not know to choose a suitable foot, this machine will perfectly help you.

At the same time, this feature makes it simpler for professionals to carry on with their job.

#5. Extended Table

If you often work with huge fabrics or materials, then you will need a machine that offers a huge working area. The Bernette 38 sewing machine has an extended table that can be used when working on huge projects.

Furthermore, the sewing machine is beneficial if you often work with quilts or larger fabrics. You can choose when you need to use the extended table.

Hence, if you are working on a small project, you can choose to remove the extended table.

#6. Adjustable Sewing Speed

The adjustable sewing speed is another beneficial feature that is helpful in your sewing projects.

For instance, if you work with delicate fabrics, then adjusting the speed to low will make it easier for you to work well.

On the other hand, if you need a faster speed, you can adjust speed to high and complete your projects faster.


The Bernette 38 sewing machine is a costly product that needs to be purchased after a good analysis of your needs.

However, the best part of the sewing machine is that it comes with a 10-year warranty on the casting, which is quite impressive.

At the same time, the machine has a 2-year warranty on labor and warranty as well. These impressive warranty deals secure your purchase.

Always make sure about the warranty details before you plan on investing in the Bernette 38 sewing machine.

In case you have any queries or doubts regarding the sewing machine, you can contact the customer service of the brand and get your issue resolved.

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Bernette B37 vs. Bernette B38

Bernette B37 Bernette B38
Workspace Height: 4.3″ Workspace Height: 4.3″
Illumination: LED Illumination: LED
Stitch Selection: Cursor and Value Set Buttons Stitch Selection: Touch Panel
Cover: Softcover Cover: Hardcover
Hook System: Drop-in Hook System: Drop-in
Stitches: 394 Stitches: 50
Warranty: 10 years casting, 2 years electrical Warranty: 10 years casting, 2 years electrical
Number of Feet Included: 5 Number of Feet Included: 8

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