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Top 9 Best Sewing Machines for Fashion Design Students

Are you a fashion design student? Are you looking to purchase your sewing machine? Well, then, you are in the right place!

Sewing is interesting, and that’s why you will enroll in a sewing major and start to make your own design, but it would be hard to create a satisfying design without a piece of the great sewing machine.

The best sewing machine for your fashion design major’s student should be durable enough to serve you for a long time. It comes with a series of basic functionality, such as stitching and embroidery.

This guide will walk you through some of the best sewing machines for a fashion designer and talk about how a fashion school student chooses their sewing machine.

In a hurry? Here are my top 9 picks of the best sewing machines for fashion design students:

How to Choose the Best Sewing Machines for Fashion Design Students?

Some factors need to be considered while choosing a sewing machine when you are a fashion design student. Let’s find out what they are—

#1. Computerized Model

While choosing a sewing machine, it is best to choose one computerized because of all its benefits. It is much more reliable than the manual sewing machine, and the sewing is so much easier on the computerized model.

With a computerized model, you can aim for extreme precision in your sewing projects, and the sewing machine will also remember the patterns that are repeatedly being sewn.

You can also download a few patterns off the internet by connecting your sewing machine to the internet.

Having a touch screen makes it easier to perform all the operations you perform on your sewing machine.

Also, since these computerized models are a little on the pricier side than their manual counterparts, they have heavy-duty motors, making it easy for you to sew heavyweight fabrics on them.

You also have over-locking and decorative stitch features on these sewing machines, and hence, it is a viable purchase.

#2. Stitching Capacity

Always consider the stitching capacity before purchasing any sewing machine. Some sewing machines may even have up to 300 stitch types.

However, the main thing that needs to be noticed here is whether the stitch types that you need are present or not.

A few stitch types that are a must in any sewing machine that you are considering purchase are straight stitch, zig-zag stitch, and buttonhole stitch.

Along with these, you might additionally want the blind hem stitch, utility stitch, and knit stitch.

#3. Accessories and Attachments

Modern sewing machines come with a lot of accessories and attachments. It would help if you were sure which accessories and attachments you absolutely require and which ones you are willing to let go of, provided you are getting a great sewing machine.

For fashion designing, students who will be constructing garments, zipper feet, button attaching, and buttonhole feet are required.

Also, check if your sewing machine has accessories like a detachable table, free arm, and a dust cover. These are some of the accessories that you might want to look for.

Top 9 Best Sewing Machines for Fashion Design Students

#1. Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is one of the strongest sewing machines that are suitable for a heavy sewing project.

Regardless of what you put it through, it will sew through it. This sewing machine is best for people who regularly sew medium to heavyweight fabrics like leather or plastic.

The reverse stitch available in this machine is perfect, and the options for the stitch length and others are on the top of the sewing machine.

This sewing machine has 14 inbuilt stitches and a 1 four-step buttonhole style that can create a buttonhole in the size you want.

Also, it has an automatic needle threader and a free arm with a drop feed. The free arm will help you sew cylindrical fabrics with ease and reach hard-to-reach points with ease.

This sewing machine also has a push-pull winding bobbin with a presser foot that is snap-on. It has a dust cover that can be put on when the machine is not in use so that the dust does not get accumulated on the sewing machine.

On the whole, it is a simple and strong sewing machine that you can use with the only complaint of its users being that it shakes a lot. However, the shaking can be reduced by leaps and bounds by placing the mat that comes with the sewing machine under it.

Check the price of Janome HD1100 on Amazon.

#2. Juki TL-2010Q Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer

This is one of the best sewing machines for fashion design students because they might want to carry it around and have industry-level sewing quality in their sewing projects. This sewing machine ensures just that.

It works just like any other industrial sewing machine, and it is easy to clean and use. It is also extremely portable and handy.

The needle has an up and down position, which lets you decide the way you want your thread to end, and also, you can cut the thread just by pressing the cut thread button on your machine rather than taking up scissors and doing it manually.

You can also control the speed of your stitching with this sewing machine. Also, you can ensure extremely free motion quilting with the help of the up or down dog-foot.

With this machine, you can easily adjust the tension according to the fabric and the thread being used. Also, the LED lights illuminate the whole sewing area so that you can finish your sewing projects with ease.

The bobbin replacement in this sewing machine is as easy as a breeze, and also, you can lower or lift the presser foot without having to use your hands.

The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that this sewing machine requires a lot of lubrication. Just ensure that there is a lot of oil in the sewing machine, and you will be able to sew even the stringiest materials with this sewing machine! Read the full review here.

Check the price of Juki TL-2010Q on Amazon.

 #3. Juki DDL-8700 Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is used in many factories all around the world. This list of the best sewing machines for fashion design students is on this list because of its capability and reliability.

This sewing machine can handle light to medium weight fabrics with ease. The number of stitches that this machine can sew per minute is 5500.

You get a lamp, a side draw, a thread stand, and a table along with this sewing machine. Also, only consider purchasing the servo motor and not the clutch motor because the clutch motor is used for sewing heavyweight fabrics in the industries where the sewing motions are repetitive. A servo motor is suitable for a regular fashion design student who will only be designing garments with light and medium weight fabrics.

The servo motor is more detailed, sews a smaller batch of fabric, has a high quality of stitches, less noise, and more control over the general speed. Therefore, you should go with a servo motor.

The best part about this sewing machine is that it will easily last for at least 25 years once you purchase it. So, choose this sewing machine if you want to invest in something long-term.

Check the price of Juki DDL-8700 on Amazon.

#4. Brother CE7070PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Brother CE7070PRW sewing machine is one of the most affordable ones on this list. It is designed by the brand the Brother along with the Project Runway.

This sewing machine is extremely user-friendly and, the number of inbuilt stitches it has is 70.

Along with a completely automatic needle threader, this sewing machine has a drop-in top bobbin that ensures that the bobbin replacement happens very smoothly.

This sewing machine comes with accessories like 7 sewing feet, an instruction manual, a needle set of 3 pieces, and 4 bobbins—everything you need to start sewing right away!

The LCD at the top of the sewing machine allows you to choose your stitch type and other options without any problem. Also, this sewing machine’s support team is always available via chat, phone, or online, along with your machine’s life!

So, if you are looking to invest in something very affordable and run like a professional sewing machine, we suggest you give this sewing machine a go.

Check the price of Brother CE7070PRW on Amazon.

#5. Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

We all know for a fact that fashion design school is expensive. When you are looking to trim the costs, you can look at purchasing this sewing machine because it comes at a very reasonable price.

Now, not only is this sewing machine a great catch for a low cost, but it is also very versatile, and it comes with a 25-year warranty! This means that you do not have to worry about having to replace your sewing machine soon enough.

Also, the customer support of this sewing machine is free for its lifetime. So, you need not worry about the cost of getting it repaired, lest it should get damaged in any way.

This is a machine with 103 inbuilt stitches, and it can do both embroidery and stitching. Now, we know that you will only be required to do the stitching as fashion design students. However, when the time arises for you to do some embroidery, you have it in your sewing machine itself!

You can also choose the presser foot and the stitch type in the large display on the sewing machine. It also has LED lighting, which illuminates your work area so that you can finish off your sewing projects with ease.

The free arm allows you to sew any cylindrical shaped pieces that you need to sew easily, and also, the dust cover and the needle threader( automatic) make sewing a joy to behold.

Choose this sewing machine if you are looking for a reasonably priced one, which can last you for a long while.

Check the price of Brother SE600 on Amazon.

#6. Brother XR9550PRW Project Runway

The Brother makes this machine by collaborating with Project Runway so that this sewing machine can create any garments that can be worn to the Project Runway.

Even though Brother XR9550PRW is a limited edition product that might affect your decision to purchase this sewing machine, computerized sewing makes it more affordable, easier to use, and suitable for even beginners in sewing.

This sewing machine is simple and sleek, and it has everything you might want in a sewing machine.

The number of in-built stitches that this sewing machine has is 165, and it can be used for both sewing and quilting. Therefore, if you require a quilting machine further down the lane, you might not need to look for other sewing machines because it will be sufficient.

Along with an LCD, it also has a fully automatic needle threader that will make your life a whole lot easier because you now do not have to worry about having to thread your needle yourself.

The top-down bobbin also makes bobbin replacement an easy task. The support team of this sewing machine is available at all times, and you can contact them via email or chat, or call.

Choose this sewing machine if you are looking for a unique yet simple machine to create amazing garments!

Check the price of Brother XR9550PRW on Amazon.

#7. Singer 9960 Sewing Machine

The Singer 9960 is a sewing machine perfect for any fashion design students to complete their sewing projects.

The number of in-built stitches it has is 600, and along with that, it also has mirror imaging and stitches elongation with which you can easily customize any project you want.

The number of one-step buttonhole styles is 13, and the number of alpha-numerals is 5.

This sewing machine is easy to use, and it can be used for home decor, sewing, quilting, and other projects. This sewing machine has an automatic needle threader, which saves you a lot of time and effort. It also has high stitches per minute speed, which is 850.

It has a heavy-duty metal frame, which means that this sewing machine will last you for a very long time. It also comes with a clear dust cover, which helps keep the sewing machine safe from dust while it is not being used.

This sewing machine can compete with any other sewing machine in the market at the same price range, and it will come out as a winner because of all the features it has. Therefore, you must consider purchasing this sewing machine! Read the full review here.

Check the price of Singer 9960 on Amazon.

#8. Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine 

This sewing machine is one that is great for beginners. With this sewing machine, you can easily carry out all your regular sewing needs and some more!

It is also a perfect sewing machine for you if you are one who travels regularly. It is compact and is also light in weight.

This sewing machine has an LED display with two LED lights illuminating the work- station while you work on your sewing projects so that they can be completed without any difficulty.

This sewing machine has an automatic needle threader, saving you a lot of time and effort. It also has 30 built-in stitches, and the number of one-step buttonhole styles that it offers is 6. It has a needle up or down system that is memorized.

With this sewing machine, sewing in reverse is extremely easy, and you do not need foot control while sewing because you can operate it with a start/ stop button.

Choose this sewing machine if you are looking for a reliable and beginner-friendly sewing machine that does not require much of a learning curve.

Check the price of Janome 8077 on Amazon.

#9. Brother XR3240 Computerized Sewing

Brother XR3240 is a great sewing machine for beginners in sewing to experiment and try various things. You can use this sewing machine for decorative sewing, button sewing, and also general sewing.

Another additional feature that is great about this sewing machine is that it can also be used for quilting.

It is light in weight—making it easy to travel with, anywhere and everywhere. You can use this sewing machine to sew garments with fabrics that are light in weight.

A flaw with this machine is that it cannot sew medium and heavy-weight fabrics like canvas or leather fabrics. However, it is still a great choice of a sewing machine, to begin with for fashion design students.

The number of in-built stitches that this sewing machine has is 140, and the number of auto-size buttonhole styles it has is 8.

It has a wide table and an LED light that lights up the whole area you are working in.

It comes with 9 presser feet, and it also has an easy threader change system.

All-in-all, this machine is one of the best choices for a beginner in sewing as it is very reasonable in price and reliable, too.

Check the price of Brother XR3240 on Amazon


We agree that the best sewing machine will bring to life all the sewing projects you will take up as a fashion design student.

Consider all the factors mentioned above carefully while considering the budget you have for the sewing machine, and then make an informed and wise choice. Happy sewing!

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