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Top 10 Best Sewing Machines for Making Clothes – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Creating your own clothes is a joy, and for that, you certainly need a sewing machine. Moreover, you can also use it for various other purposes, like sewing curtains or home décor.

However, choosing a sewing machine for making clothes can be a tricky task as there are just so many factors to consider, like pricing, features, and so on.

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How to Find the Best Sewing Machine for Making Clothes?

To find the best sewing machine for making clothes, you first need to define the features that you absolutely want your sewing machine to possess and then look for one that gives all of them.

In the market today, there are many models by multiple manufacturers that come with different accessories, add-ons, and capabilities that might add extra cost and may not be relevant to you.

Whereas there might be some features that you absolutely require in your sewing machine.

Given below is a list of some of the features that you must consider before purchasing your sewing machine—

#1. Stitch Number and Style

Most beginner sewers will only require two stitches—straight and zig-zag. With little more experience, one must look for more variety.

If you are a quilting or an embroidery lover, you need to ensure that your sewing machine can do the same.

If your sewing machine cannot perform free-motion sewing or embroidery, these features cannot be added at later stages.

Moreover, ensure that the sewing machine can adjust the zig-zag width, tension, and stitch length to have much more control oversewing.

#2. Accessories

Most of the sewing machines include a presser foot and also a bobbin. However, some of them have much more.

To get the most out of the money you have spent on your machine, ensure that you get one with an embroidery foot, zipper foot, storage area, detachable work area, and buttonhole foot.

#3. Other Features

Some sewing machines have features that ensure the process of sewing becomes as easy as a breeze. These features include automatic needle threader, blind stitch, buttonhole, light in the workspace, thread cutter, and so on.

Once you get used to these features, you cannot even imagine sewing on a machine that does not have them.

#4. Frame and Construction

To ensure that your machine lasts longer, look for one that has a metal frame. Though most sewing machines these days have a plastic frame, the metal frame is quite sturdy.

The plastic frames are bound to deteriorate fast, and once broken, they are difficult to repair.

It is also important to read the manual carefully before sewing as every machine is built differently and requires a different type of care.

Top 10 Best Sewing Machine for Making Clothes

#1. Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Juki HZL-F600 is a high powered sewing machine used by both beginners and professional sewers alike.

Sporting 225 stitches and 250 stitch patterns, this model also comes programmed with four different fonts.

The optimal speed at which it can operate is 900 stitches per minute. This model is quite recommended to make both clothes and quilts because of its wide range of features that allow you to be as creative as you can.

The Juki HZL-F600 has a larger than average workspace that ensures easy completion of large projects. The large LCD makes it easier to select patterns and the 16 different industrial style buttonholes.

One of the most discussed features of this model is that there is no fabric shrinkage, regardless of the lightness in the weight of the fabric you are using.

Users also like that even though there is an extra-large workspace, the sewing machine is only 20 pounds. This ensures easy transportation from one place to another when required.

#2. JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Juki TL- 2000Qi, though it has metal parts and manual controls, is sleek and white, making it look good despite the industrial machine.

This machine comes along with a 13-inch detachable table that can be used for larger projects.

The size and functions make it one of the best sewing machines for quilting and making clothes.

This model is a high-end piece of equipment that comes at a reasonable price, and you can opt for it if you are a professional quilter or a sewer.

The machine sports LED lights, an automatic needle trimmer, threader, 1500 stitches per minute, and single pedal operation. An extension table and a knee lever are also present for quilting.

Most users say that the aluminum cast bed reduces vibration during use. One of the best things about this machine is the knee lifter lever, which lets you operate the presser foot without hands.

This ensures little to no mistakes while sewing. The best accessories included with this machine are the different types of presser feet that get almost all of the types of jobs done for you.

However, some of the users mentioned that it is a bit bulky, but it can be transported easily from one place to another with the carrying handle.

#3. Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

The Janome 4120QDC is suited for different operations, including the making of clothes, home décor, quilting, and alterations. It is effortless to use and has multiple features.

It has 120 built-in stitches, an alphabet, and a thread cutting button that most users find useful. The LCD screen shows the stitch identification number, the length, and the width.

It also has many buttons and a needle up or down button, and a thread cutter button.

There are 120 built-in stitch patterns in this model, seven auto-size one-step buttonholes, and presser feet of snap-on style. This sewing machine is beginner-friendly.

Moreover, it is suitable for various fabrics like silk, linen, wool, and cotton. It also comes with a protective hard case and a wide detachable extension table.

#4. Singer 9960 Sewing Machine

The Singer 9960 is one of the most advanced sewing machines in the market, and it is a feature-rich machine. It has 5 alphabet stitches and 600 built-in stitches.

It isn’t easy to find a sewing machine that compares to the Singer 9960 when it comes down to the stitches variety. This machine also features a start or stop, needle up or down, thread trimmer, and needle threader buttons.

The unique features of this model are the stitch elongation feature and the reverse or mirror image feature. With the stitch elongation feature, you can increase the stitch length up to 5 times its original length.

With the reverse or mirror image feature, you can flip the built-in stitches either horizontally or vertically.

The Singer 9960 has a total of 13 presser feet included, which is not a common number of presser feet that one usually gets along with their sewing machines.

Also, the transparent bobbin cover lets you see the amount of thread left in the bobbin.

Another great feature of this model is the automatic thread cutter with which you can easily cut out needle and bobbin threads with just the press of a button. The LCD screen lets you know which presser foot is the right one to do the job.

#5. Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine

Are you looking for a sewing machine for making clothes? Well, Janome HD3000 is one of the best choices available for you in the market.

Though it is not a computerized sewing machine, it is known to perform consistently, and if that matters more to you as a sewer, then this is the machine you must be looking at. It is a good choice, regardless of your experience level.

The Janome HD3000 has a 1.0 amp motor that allows you to sew through thick layers of leather or denim or multiple fabric layers.

The outside parts of this sewing machine are made of plastic, while all the inside parts are made of metal.

Though this model does not have many features, it has all the essentials for you to obtain the results that you require as a seamstress. There is a guide that gives you details about all the 19 available types of stitches.

Along with this, you also get a 5 piece feed dog that ensures that the fabric moves along smoothly and no mistakes are made.

This model’s reviewers love the accessories that it comes with—extra bobbins, quilting bar, lint brush, hardcover, and much more.

This machine is an excellent choice for sewers looking for a reliable sewing machine that can handle frequent sewing.

#6. Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Brother HC1850 is known as a fast machine for making clothes. However, it is also impressive in multiple other ways. The number of built-in stitches is an example of that.

You can easily scroll and select the right stitch that you want on the LCD screen. There is also a stitch guide on the side of the machine for your convenience.

Furthermore, the users commend the needle threading feature and the drop-in bobbin feature that allows ease of use. The bobbin is also jam-resistant, which is another plus.

Some users might even look forward to acquiring the accessories that come with the sewing machine more than the machine itself. The accessories include the instructional DVD, 8 sewing feet, a wide detachable table, and a manual. With all these, your task of sewing becomes easy.

However, if you still face difficulty even after going through the instructional DVD/ manual, you can always contact the customer support desk.

This model allows you to have a 25-year warranty for your machine. It is also a versatile sewing machine apart from it being traditional.

After all, it can easily do quilting, decorative stitching, monogramming, and much more. You might be surprised to know that this machine, with all these functions, is still lightweight.

It can easily be carried around. The dimensions of the machine are also supportive for easy mobility.

#7. Singer 4452

The Singer 4452 is a heavy-duty sewing machine that, though not computerized, does a brilliant job. It has a heavy-duty metal frame that is built to last.

The powerful motor also ensures that you can stitch through multiple layers of fabric or thick layers of fabric like leather or denim easily.

Most users mentioned that their top preference is the heavy-duty model over the plastic model even though most of the sewing machines in the market are made of plastic because the heavy-duty design does not cramp when in use.

This model has 32 built-in stitches, and by using the rotatory dial, you can select the preferred stitch type for your sewing project. The automatic needle threader works extremely well.

This sewing machine is very affordable. The automatic reverse function reinforces the stitch, and loading the bobbins is also very easy, thanks to the drop-in bobbin.

Most users like that they can see the amount of thread leftover, which can’t be done in all the sewing machines.

The machine has a selection of 4 presser feet, and it comes with multiple accessories, including spool caps, screwdriver, soft dust cover, needle pack, and a bobbin pack.

#8. Singer 7258 Sewing Machine

The Singer 7258 is a computerized sewing machine with 6 automatic buttonhole types, 100 stitch options, needle threader, and snap-on presser feet.

It is an excellent choice of sewing machine for both beginners and expert level sewers. It has received a lot of accolades for its stitch quality and its ease of use.

Most of the sewing machines do not have this, but the stitches are clearly explained in a diagram attached on the right side for quick consultation and selection of stitches depending on the type of project you are doing.

This model’s unique feature is the refined stitch control, which lets you choose from various needle options.

The LED screen is also placed in the front, making it easier to make any adjustments and select options. Also, users mentioned that setting up this sewing machine is quite easy, and you don’t need much experience to set it up.

The automatic needle threader works great for people who don’t have a lot of experience, and the top bobbin makes sewing all the easier.

#9. Janome 8077 Computerized Machine

The Janome 8077 is a computerized sewing machine with 30 built-in stitch options and a bright LED screen for selecting them.

It also features an automatic needle threader and a free arm to adjust the stitches’ length and width.

The users like that this machine is reliable and ensures top-notch stitch quality. It is also easy to use, sews with little guidance, and is consistent.

It has a drop feed and a start/ stop button so that you can sew without having to control your motion with the foot control. There is also a button for reversing the stitches and threading. The user manual is user-friendly.

Setting up the machine is extremely simple. The machine also has a minimal learning curve.

If you are a complete beginner, this machine is a great place to start. It is compatible with universal feet, and it is a workhorse. You can also sew quilts with this machine. It is both sturdy and reliable. It also has a jam-resistant bobbin.

#10. Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

The Brother cs6000i sewing and quilting machine are suitable for various projects, and it is a feature-rich, versatile, and extremely customizable machine. This machine comes with almost every single foot and accessory that you will ever need.

The LCD lets you select the stitch type and also adjust the stitch length and width. The start/ stop button lets you sew without the foot control.

You can also control the speed of this machine through variable adjustment capability. There is also storage space in the arm so that you can store your accessories.

The drop-in bobbin is jam-resistant and quick-set. The instruction manual is bilingual, and you also get a 25-year warranty with this sewing machine.

Users have reported that the customer support is great. Also, this model is completely beginner-friendly and can be used by even the most basic sewers. It also comes with a wide detachable table that lets you take on larger projects.

Some of the accessories included with this sewing machine are a spool pin, cleaning brush, seam ripper, screwdriver, set of needles, accessory pouch, twin needle, zipper foot, blind stitch foot, walking foot, quilting foot, and much more. It is a quiet machine that is suitable for a wide range of projects.

Making Your Own Clothes: 3 Most Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

#1.  Top Stitching & Folding Under Armhole or Necklines

This is one of the most common mistakes made by sewers. Rather than a top stitch, it would help if you used a bias facing or binding. By ensuring that you add bias facing or binding, you can avoid waviness or ripples, and your garment will look so much better.

#2. Not Finishing Seams

Your garment needs to look professional and neat on the inside and the outside. Though only the outside part might be visible, eventually, not finishing seams will lead to holes in the garment. So, ensure that you finish your seams.

#3.  Using Incorrect Seam Finish

This is another way to let the fact slip away that you have designed your clothes. For instance, let us assume that you are making a see-through chiffon blouse. You have to use a French seam to finish this so that it looks neat and professional.

Final Words

Purchasing a good sewing machine for making clothes might seem difficult, especially because of the myriad of choices available.

However, consider all the features that you want your sewing machine to have and select the one that looks the best for you.

Happy Sewing!