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How to STOP Your Pompoms Falling Apart?

You may have created pompoms as a youngster, or you may have recently made them with your own children! But don’t dismiss them as flimsy crafts…

They can look wonderful, extremely charming, and provide the ideal finishing touch to a sleeping hat, blanket, wall hanging, or even a tieback if done right!!

If you’re new to making your own props, this pompom guide is a great place to start. We recommend checking out “How to Make a Sleepy Hat” once you have your pompoms…

Make a wonderful, adorable sleepy hat with a knot on top, then check out the post “Add a pompom to your sleepy hat for more impact!”


These pompoms are so simple to make that you can’t go wrong! Have fun picking the yarn you’ll use; it’ll be the focal point of your design.

Pompoms are typically composed of yarn or wool, although they aren’t required!

Consider using ribbons, fabric strips, novelty yarn, art yarn, various materials, or even making your own yarn out of old t-shirts!


Consider your project as a whole; what are you going to do with the pompoms? If you’re going to connect it to a sleepy hat, make sure your yarn matches the sleepy hat material. If you’re constructing a wall hanging, set out all of your supplies on a table and take a step back.

Is the overall impact of your chosen color and texture palette-pleasing?

Is it consistent with your brand’s vision and aesthetic?

Finally, make sure you have enough of each material; nothing is more frustrating than running out of gorgeous color in the middle of a project!

Tools and Material

  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Materials
  • Yarn
  • A cardboard box (the flaps from cardboard boxes are ideal)
  • Cotton Thread

The Ideal Pompom

The key technique is to use thick cotton and a glue gun to create tight knots around the center of your pompom.