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Janome MyLock 204D Serger Review

Many serging novices and enthusiasts may like the features of the MyLock 204D. It offers a wide range of flexibility as well as the ability to quickly produce high-quality clothes.

The Janome MyLock 204D is a small serger with a large machine of serging features. It has 3- or 4-thread capabilities and a feed ratio range of.05 to 2.25.

It also has a simple threading mechanism that assists the operator in guiding threads into the correct location.


  • The Janome MyLock 204D comes pre-threaded, which makes initial set-up easier. It’s just a matter of tying and pulling the thread through.
  • The machine is recognized for its tiny and compact size, which allows it to fit into small areas.
  • The MyLock 204D has a built-in rolled hem that eliminates the need for plate changes. This stitch has a more professional appearance.
  • The Janome 204D is recognized for its quiet operation, perfect for compact work environments and at home.
  • Janome’s mechanical parts are covered by a five-year guarantee.


  • The cover stitch is not convertible.
  • For novices, poorly worded and diagrams might be difficult to understand.
  • Threading the lower looper can be tricky.
  • Some customers have complained about the machine being unstable when in operation.

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Options for Stitching

Three or four thread overlock stitching is available on the Janome MyLock 204D serger.

It also has an adjustable differential feed ratio that ranges from.05 to 2.22.

The differential feed allows for better control and handling of tougher materials.

The machine also allows users to transition from rolling hemming to straight hemming without having to replace plates. It also has a lower looper pre-tension stitch that removes the need to adjust rolled hem tension.


  • Product Dimensions: 15.3 x 14.6 x 12.7 inches
  • Weight: 17.95 pounds
  • Threads: 2-3-4
  • Color-Coded: Yes

Built-in Rolled Hem

You don’t have to change the feed plate because of the built-in rolled hem.

Color-Code Threading

The color-coded threading guide make threading easier

Differential Feed

The differential feed feature on the machine avoids delicate fabrics from bunching and straining, and it may also be utilized to produce unusual effects or methods. The differential feed ratio may be adjusted from.05 to 2.25, giving you more control over a wide range of materials.

Adjustable Cutting Width

The serger’s cutting width is adjustable from 3.1 mm to 5.1 mm, allowing room to easily create and sew pieces of many sizes.

Upper Knife

To produce ornamental pieces or when the operator chooses not to cut material while sewing, the machine’s upper knife may be disabled (retractable).

Snap-on Presser Feet

The presser feet are snapped on and off.

Thread Variety

The Janome MyLock 204D offers 3- and 4-thread overlocking stitches, allowing you to create a wide range of outfits.

Accessories (Optional/Replacement)

  • Beading Attachment
  • Blind Stitch Foot
  • Cloth Guide
  • Elastic Gathering Attachment
  • Gathering Attachment
  • Janome Serger Needle Plate
  • Janome Serger / Overlock Tweezers
  • Mechanical Foot Control
  • Needle (universal)
  • Needle Threader
  • Needles
  • Piping Foot 1/8″
  • Piping Foot 3/16″
  • Piping Foot
  • Presser Foot Shank Holder
  • Purple Tip Needle
  • 9 Piece Scissor Kit
  • Seam Ripper
  • Taping Foot with Reel
  • Upper Knife

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