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Juki HZL-DX5 Sewing Machine Review – Is It Worth Buying?

The Juki HZL-DX5 sewing machine is a computerized model that comes with multiple automatic features that make your sewing process hassle-free. It is also a trendy industrial machine used for stitching and sewing.

The stunning Box Feed Technology enables you to sew on all kinds of fabric with ease.

If you want to work with thick fabrics, you can stitch through them effortlessly and watch the needle glide smoothly through the fabric. With this particular model, you can also easily set the sewing speed. If you wish to sew fast, you can opt for a higher speed and vice versa.

Furthermore, the sewing machine comes loaded with several accessories that help with the process. If you are considering a home sewing machine, then this one is a good buy.

As far as the sewing machine features are concerned, it has many specifications that make buying.

You can elevate your sewing experience and take your stitching to another level with Juki HZL-DX5.

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#1. Box Feed System

The ‘Box Feed System Technology’ is usually found in industrial sewing machines. However, finally, we have this amazing technology in a home sewing machine. If you wish to have an extraordinary feed technology with beautiful seams, the Box Feed Technology will help you achieve the same.

While the conventional feed mechanism has an oval motion, the box feed technology moves in a box motion. In the box feed technology, the feed dogs move in a square motion rather than an elliptical shape. This mechanism is also known to eliminate or reduce the shifting or shrinking of the material you work with.

Furthermore, this technology enables you to stitch equally well on all kinds of fabrics. Additionally, this also works best for thicker fabrics like or canvas.

#2. Straight Stitch Side Plate

The ‘Straight Stitch Side Plate’ is an amazing feature that reduces crinkling on thin or lightweight fabrics. It comprises small round needle holes in the side plate to prevent the fabric from being pulled when stitching.

This feature is especially beneficial when working with a lightweight fabric like a voile or chiffon. When you sew with such kinds of fabric, they tend to crinkle or get pulled in a standard needle plate opening. Furthermore, the straight stitch side plate also offers support around the needle and a stable base too.

You can use the feature when you are doing free motion quilting, patchwork piecing, machine embroidery, and also when you work with long seams.

#3. Float Function

The next stunning feature of the Juki HZL – DX5 is the float function. This feature avoids uneven stitching on velvet or quilts. It is considered to be very helpful when stitching over thick seams. Besides, this feature can be used for different applications.

The float function helps you to sew, keeping the presser foot raised. The rising presser foot allows you to stitch through all types of fabrics. You also have the option of adjusting the height of the presser foot. For instance, you can set it at 0.1mm and increment it further.

You can set the height as per the material or fabric that you are working with. This allows you to work without creating uneven seams. Hence, this feature is quite useful if you wish to sew beautiful seams with quality finishing.

#4. Buttonholes

Buttonholes are holes in the material that the buttons pass through. These holes need to be secured using another material. This can be done either by a sewing machine or by hand. However, the best and fastest option is to use a sewing machine for the same.

Now with the Juki HZL – DX5, you can easily create and sew fascinating buttonholes. The buttonhole sensor will help you to sew all kinds of fabric for optimal feed. The one-step buttonhole sews perfectly on both sides. Now you won’t have to worry about getting a quality finished buttonhole.

There are an impressive 16 buttonholes that cater to your different decorative and stitching needs. Create beautiful buttonholes with this machine and sew effortlessly.

#5. Customization

With the Juki HZL – DX5, you can create and customize the device’s numerous new functions. Let us discuss the sewing machine’s amazing functions that will help you create the best designs and patterns.

– Automatic Thread Trimming: With automatic thread trimming, you can easily click the heel or push the button to trim threads effortlessly.

– Presser Foot: After the automatic threading, the automatic foot presser is lifted.

– Free Motion: With the free motion feature, you can stitch zig-zag or straight. All you need to do is flip the switch and drop the feed dogs. You can also adjust the height of the presser foot for easy movement.

– Foot Switch Function: There are numerous foot control options in the Juki HZL – DX5 sewing machine. These functions make the machine more advanced and intelligent. You can trim threads, lift the presser foot and stitch using the single stitch or reverse stitch by pressing the foot controller. Furthermore, you can customize the machine in multiple ways to suit your needs.

– Presser Foot Pivot Function: Sew pivots, corners, or cuffs with ease with the pivot function. This allows you to resume sewing with a continuous sewing motion.

– Quick Select Buttons: There are a few quick select buttons that include ‘Reverse Stitch’, ‘Start/Stop,’ ‘Thread Trimming,’ ‘Lock Stitch,’ ‘Needle Up/Down,’ and ‘Presser Foot Auto Lift.’

– Reverse Stitch Speed/ Adjustable Starting: With the Juki HZL – DX5 sewing machine, you can easily adjust the reverse stitch speed and the starting speed. There are three speeds that you can choose from. They are slow, normal, and fast.

#6. Design and Presentation

Multiple stitches allow you to be creative and explore a different world of sewing. Similarly, the Juki HZL – DX5 has some interesting stitches that we shall look into.

– Lock Stitch: In the lock stitch, you can choose between two types of stitches. Those are the ‘lock stitches’ and ‘reverse stitches.’ You can choose them right at the start or end of sewing. While sewing, if you happen to press the ‘lock stitch’ button, the sewing machine sews one cycle and then stops at once.

– Knee Lifting Lever: The presser foot can be elevated or reduced using the knee lifting lever. You can also use the automatic operation to switch it back.

– Low-Speed Inching Sewing: Using the needle up/down button, you can stitch at a slower rate. You can sew cuffs, corners, and pivots with accuracy.

– Speedy Straight Sewing: The Juki HZL – DX5 offers a sewing speed of 1050 stitches per minute. Hence, with this speed, you can sew and stitch faster and complete your projects quicker.

#7. Large Sewing Area

When you need to work with heavy-duty fabric or materials, you need a large working area. The Juki HZL-DX5 offers you a large working space.

Be it large projects or small ones, you can work easily with the sewing’s additional space. Create unique designs and shapes to explore your creativity at it’s best.

Though you may find multiple home sewing machines, this one definitely takes the cake with its numerous features.

When you opt for a home sewing machine, it needs additional working space for free motion use.

#8. Stitch Patterns

Several stitch patterns are available with the Juki HZL-DX5 sewing machine.

These patterns and designs allow you the freedom to create interesting pieces of art. Let us have a look at the different stitch patterns that the machine provides.

– Elongated Patterns: You can change the pattern’s length as per your choice and use them in your creative art pieces.

– Free Motion: This free motion feature allows you to stitch zig-zag and straight stitch with ease. To stitch conveniently, you can adjust the height of the presser foot. Make and create superb and unique art with this extraordinary sewing machine.

– Direct Stitch Pattern Selection: The stitches and patterns that you regularly use, like the zig-zag patterns, straight stitches, and overcast stitches, can be selected easily with the direct buttons. Furthermore, you also have the option to adjust the sensitivity of the panel as per choice.

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Juki HZL – DX5 Accessories

Several accessories come along with the Juki HZL – DX5 sewing machine. Let us have a look at the amazing additional accessories with the product.

– Thread Stand: The sewing machine has a built-in thread stand. This stand enables you to enjoy thread cones.

– Stitch Area Magnifier: The stitched area magnifier magnifies the stitching area up to 1.4x times. This allows you to see your stitching clearly without having to strain your eyes out. This is also very beneficial for people with weak eyesight or the elderly.

– Wide Table: A wide table allows you to work easily with large fabrics that may be used for quilting or stitching purposes.

– Rolled Hemming Presser Foot: This accessory can be useful for stitching hem with rolled fabric.

– Button Attaching Presser Foot: This feature is helpful when you need to add buttons to the material or fabric.

– Invisible Zipper Foot: If you need to work with zippers, then this is quite an interesting feature that will help you out with the same.

Juki HZL – DX5 vs. Juki HZL – DX7

Juki HZL – DX5

  • The Juki HZL – DX5 is considered one of the best machines for home garment sewing. Though beginners can use it, the machine has many features and specifications suitable for intermediate or professional users.
  • You can create beautiful buttonholes with this machine. Additionally, you can also get clean and fine quality stitches.
  • Stitch thin or thick fabrics with ease using the Juki HZL – DX5 machine.
  • Use the different patterns and designs that are built in the sewing machine to explore your creativity.
  • There are multiple stitch patterns for you to choose from.
  • It comes with several accessories that make your sewing process easier.

Juki HZL -DX7

  • This particular model has a sewing speed of 1050 stitches.
  • It also has a box feed system that is usually found in industrial machines.
  • The sewing machine is known to sew effortlessly and give you fine quality stitches every time.
  • It has quite low noise while in operation to not disturb anyone around you.
  • If you are a beginner, then this is a good machine that you can start with.
  • It is affordable and comes power-packed with multiple features.
  • This powerful sewing machine is efficient, simple to use and operate, fast, and offers you the best stitching quality.

Alternatives to Juki HZL – DX5

#1. Janome MC6650 Sewing and Quilting Machine

This product from Janome is a power-packed sewing machine that is loaded with multiple features. It is quite a versatile machine and the perfect option to meet your sewing needs. The sewing machine comes with 170 stitches and has a sewing speed of 1000 stitches per minute.

It also features an independent bobbin winding and 2 alphabets. Furthermore, it is an ideal sewing machine that is apt for home sewing purposes.

Since it has a relatively low noise while operating, the machine is suitable at home. Get those perfect stitches with a superior finish every time you work with the device.

Besides, it has a metal frame interior that guarantees the longevity of the product. This also makes it sturdy and strong to withstand working with heavy fabrics.

If you are considering quilting and sewing, then this is exactly the kind of machine that you need to invest in.

It has a spacious working area that allows you to stitch with ease if you work with heavy fabrics. Besides, it is an excellent machine for free motion quilting.

They are pretty easy to operate and use. You also have many stitch options that enable you to be creative and try something new each time.

However, it is best to note that the sewing machine may not be portable due to its heavy metal frame. Also, it is specially designed for professional users and not for beginners or intermediate users.

Finally, the sewing machine has several positive reviews online with happy customers all over the world.

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#2. Juki HZL-DX7

The Juki HZL – DX7 is a home sewing machine that has several industrial features. It is quite a high-end sewing machine that is versatile yet practical. The machine is generally known for its powerful speed, efficient stitching, controls, and the additional accessories that come with the same.

It has unique features that make it one of your best purchases. Though you may find the sewing machine to be expensive, it has numerous high-end features and specifications. Furthermore, the machine has a total of 287 stitch patterns along with 4 different fonts.

Interestingly, the sewing machine also features Box Feed Technology and gives you amazing results every time you use the product.

It has a breakneck sewing speed and offers a stitching speed of 1050 stitches per minute. At the same time, it features 16 buttonholes with the start/stop, reverses, lockstitch, and thread trimming buttons.

Additionally, the superior machine is known to have several accessories that come along with the product.

Some of them are a needle set, twin needle, an eyelet punch, edge sewing, buttonhole, manual buttonhole, cleaning brush, seam ripper, and so much more.

The product weighs 21.6lbs and comes with a limited warranty of 5 years. You also get an instruction manual with the sewing machine that, in detail, describes the functioning of the product.

If you are looking for a home sewing machine, look no further, and invest in this superior and quality product. It is powerful, loaded with features, and caters to your every need.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed the in-depth detail of the Juki HZL-DX5 sewing machine. If you feel that this machine satisfies your sewing requirements, wait no more, and get your hands on the product before it gets too late.

Be wise and choose the best!

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