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How To Replace a Sewing Machine Needle?

If you are a sewist, then there will be many situations wherein you will need to change the sewing machine needle. It is also necessary that you change the needles frequently when you work with different kinds of materials and fabrics.

However, if you are a beginner in the sewing world, changing the sewing machine needle is one of the most basic skills you need to learn and master. In this article, we shall look at some tips and tricks required to learn these skills.

When to Replace a Sewing Machine Needle?

There will be many circumstances and events that will require you to change the sewing machine needle. For instance, your needle happens to be bent, broken, or twisted due to whatever reasons, and you will have no other option other than changing the sewing machine needle.

The second situation where you will want to change the needle is when you use different kinds of fabrics like knots or woven. A change from one fabric to the other will require you to change the needle as per requirement.

Some sewists believe it is best to change the needle after every sewing project. However, you can choose your frequency as per need. You just need to ensure that the needle is not too old, as that can have a bad impact on your sewing and stitches.

At the same time, if you happen to face sewing machine troubles, then it may be time to replace your sewing machine needle. Some of the issues that can happen are as follows:

  • Huge punctures in the material
  • The thread breaks while sewing
  • A pop sound which can be due to a dull tip
  • Uneven or skipped stitches

If you face these problems, it is time to switch to a sewing machine needle. Let’s have a look at how you can replace a sewing machine needle easily and effortlessly.

How to Replace a Sewing Machine Needle?

In this section, we shall see how you can replace a sewing machine needle and the various methods you can do so. You are free to use the ones that you are comfortable with.

Step #1: Remove the Old Sewing Machine Needle

Switch off the sewing machine first. This is for your safety. Loosen the machine needle. Now you need to remove the machine needle clamp screw which holds the needle in place. You will find a small screw to loosen the needle clamp.

Unscrew the needle towards you and hold the needle with your other hand so that it does not fall over. This step may take different amounts of time for every machine. You can also use a flat head screwdriver to loosen the screw counterclockwise. Remove the needle at an angle.

Step #2: Insert New Sewing Machine Needle with Your Fingers

The first method to insert the needle is to use your fingers. Hold the needle at an angle and insert it into the screw clamp. The flat part of the needle should be facing back. Now you need to tighten the screw clockwise. Ensure it is tight, as a loose needle can create a huge set of problems.

Step #2.1: Insert with a Clearance Plate

The next method that we use to insert the needle is to use a clearance plate. Some brands of sewing machines offer them in their accessories package. This can be pretty useful for gently inserting the needle. Orient the sewing machine needle in the clearance plate. It should fit well on the plate.

The clearance needle and plate should be facing the right direction. Now, move the clearance plate into the sewing area. Place the top of the sewing needle in the clamp. Once the needle is in the clamp, make sure to push it up.

If the needle is placed properly, you won’t see the top portion of the needle. Now you can go ahead to tighten the screw clockwise.

Step #2.2: Insert with a Dritz Needle Inserter and Threader

You can use a Dritz needle inserter and threader for inserting the needle. However, it is recommended that you use this to insert the needle only and not for threading since it has some issues with it (the threader part will get stuck).

The Dritz needle inserter has a similar working to a clearance pate, and this is one simple way to insert the needle into the sewing machine.

Then, rethread your sewing machine, and you are done!

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