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Sew What Pro vs. Embrilliance: Similarities and Differences

Sew What Pro and Embrilliance are the two entry-level embroidery editing software. Both of them are characterized by their own pros and cons. Here goes a review of these that speak of their similarities and differences, including a FAQ section.

Similarities Between Sew What Pro and Embrilliance

Sew What Pro and Embrilliance offer many similar characteristics. These are listed and explained concisely here below.

Free customer support and trial

Both Sew What Pro and Embrilliance offer a trial period for a limited period. During this time, you can try their versatile features and see which one suits you the best.

Either of them are oriented at delivering high-quality services to their customers. As their initiative in this regard, they have uploaded numerous video training sessions and user documents on their website.

Main editing features

Many prime editing features are present in both Sew What Pro and Embrilliance. These include repositioning, rotating, resizing, deleting, and flipping the design.

Besides, in both of these, you can create new patterns by blending the available stitch designs. This feature aids you render a unique touch to your product, assuring a decent level of customization.

Upgrade modules

Sew What Pro and Embrilliance both can be upgraded to increase the number of features. For instance, you can upgrade them to allow you to create designs using enhanced alphabets.

Besides, you can also upgrade them to enable you to digitize a photograph on the fabric, thus featuring personalization.

Simulation of stitches

Both Sew What Pro and Embrilliance have the potential to simulate the stitches. The view is vividly presented on the display screen.

You can exploit this feature to preview the exact stitching process before resorting to actual work. This aids in quick manipulation when necessary, reducing rework or scrap.

Differences Between Sew What Pro and Embrilliance

Despite many similarities between the modules, there are certain features that they differ in. To know more, follow!

Number of supported file formats

Both Sew What Pro and Embrilliance are compatible with numerous file formats. However, the number is slightly more in the case of the former in comparison to the latter.

More specifically, Sew What Pro can read and write 30 and 20 formats while the Embrilliance can do so only with 28 and 16 file formats, respectively.

Windows and Mac compatibility

The native files of Sew What Pro can run only on Windows. On the contrary, Embrilliance files can run hassle-free on both Windows and Mac.

However, you can use an emulator to run your Sew What Pro on Mac, but at a much slower speed due to interface issues.

Print real design and templates

Using Embrillance, you can print your design to its actual size, maintaining its exact ratio. This can further be placed directly inside the machine’s hoop.

On the contrary, the designs printed using Sew What Pro are not to their real scale. Thus these can just be used for reference but not for actual stitching.

Pull compensation and density.

Pull compensation, and density adjustment are imbibed within the Sew What Pro module. But Embrilliance is featured only with density adjustment and not pull compensation.

Nevertheless, by purchasing an add-on named Enthusiast, you can pull compensate in Embrilliance, creating attractive designs.

Working with individual stitches

Sew What Pro is preferable over Embrilliance if you wish to edit individual stitches. Sew What Pro allows you to delete each stitch separately, unlike Embrilliance.

In Embrilliance, you can delete some parts of the design by choosing them based on their color. To edit individual stitches demands Enthusiast upgrade.

Auto stitch recalculations

Stitch calculations are to be redone each time after you resize your stitch patterns. Embrilliance automatically performs this function without demanding density adjustment.

However, in Sew What Pro, you need to enable auto adjustment in advance settings to accomplish recalculations each time you resize your design.

Sew What Pro vs. Embrilliance: Which Is More Affordable?

Sew What Pro is more affordable in comparison to Embrilliance.

Sew What Pro is more economical than Embrilliance. The difference between the two is roughly around 50%. This makes Sew What Pro more pocket-friendly when compared to Embrilliance.

Which One Is Best for Beginners?

Both Sew What Pro and Embrilliance are best for beginners as they are loaded with many user-favorable features.

Both of them are easy-to-use as they have intuitive controls, advanced embroidery editing features, online support communities, and vividly presented user guides. Besides, they both come with many upgrades that aid in further feature enhancement.

Which One Is Best for Advanced Sewers?

The answer varies depending on the actual need as both of them offer many similar and a few unique features.

Being an advanced sewer, if you are looking for greater control over the design by manipulating individual stitches, then Sew What Pro makes a good fit.

On the contrary, if you are Ok with color-enabled stitch editing but are searching for automatic resizing and exact printed designs, then, Embrilliance suits you the best!


1.Can you digitize with Sew What pro?

No, you cannot digitize with Sew What Pro. It supports only the editing and merging of existing embroidery patterns.

Sew What Pro is basically an embroidery editing software. It cannot create novel designs from scratch but can help you make new ones by manipulating the existing patterns.

2.What Is Sew What Pro?

Sew What Pro is a beginner-friendly embroidery editing software that helps you create new patterns on the fabric.

Sew What Pro is not an embroidery created but only an editor. It allows you to make changes in the existing design like deleting stitches, merging image files, resizing the design, and other simple customizations.

3.Does Embrilliance Digitize?

No, basic Embrilliance does not allow you to digitize the embroidery patterns as it is designed only for editing purposes.

You cannot digitize using the basic module of Embrilliance as it an editing software and not the designer version. However, through its upgrade, StitchArtist, you can create any new patterns at ease.