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Top 3 Best Sewing Machines for Lingerie and Bra Sewing

Stitching lingerie is tricky, as they are mostly made of stretchy material. Those who already tried will agree with me that not all sewing machines are suitable for this purpose. If you are interested in knowing what features, a sewing machine should have to sew the lingerie, then keep reading.

The sewing machines for lingerie and innerwear sewing need not be highly specialized unless you are going for an own-brand product, meaning that you can accomplish this task using a good domestic sewing machine. If you are to sew many stretchy fabrics, make sure that your sewing machine is suitable to accommodate such needles as they are usually bought separately.

Here I am providing a shortlist of 3 sewing machines that are suitable for lingerie sewing. Hope this provides you with the inspiration you require for your purchasing the required sewing machine.

Top 3 Best Sewing Machines for Lingerie Makers

Juki TL-2000Qi

Juki TL-2000Qi is suitable for professional sewists and has a heavy-duty construction that gives you a high-quality finish. It is a great choice for sewing enthusiasts and for those who make a living by sewing clothes as it lasts for years to come.

Though it has excellent durability, this complete aluminum-made metal body makes it not that easy to move from place to place due to its heaviness (38.5 lbs). With its high sewing speed of 1500 stitches per minute, it operates pretty quickly and lets you finish your work more quickly.

You get only the straight stitch and this machine which is meant to join the garment parts rather than using it for decorative stitches. However, you have complete control over the stitch length, which varies from 1 to 6 mm.

You can use this machine for both sewing as well as quilting using the different presser feet provided. It comes with a 1/5 inch quilting foot, standard foot, and even-feed foot. The automatic thread cutter is operable by back rocking your foot.

Turning corners or ending seams while quilting is easier as it has a needle up and down control. You can also do free quilting or glide the fabric easily by adjusting the feed dog’s position.

Even winding bobbin, the ability to sew through tough fabrics such as nylon, leather, and denim, high-speed sewing with professional quality stitches makes it an incredible sewing machine that is capable of sewing bras and lingerie.

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Janome 2212

The Janome 2212 sewing machine with a speed of 860 SPM is non-digital and requires less maintenance, making it appropriate for beginners. Its durability and medium to light sewing ability, and amicable price make it a popular choice for starters.

This top-quality branded sewing machine is a well-built mechanical sewing machine that offers consistent stitches using the foot pedal when plugged in. You get a 3 ½ feet cord that is long enough for reaching power outlets easily.

It comes with 12 built-in stitches that include zigzag, hemming, buttonhole stitches along with straight stitch. You get a softcover, extra-high presser foot lift, thread cutter, front load bobbin, low shank, swing arm accessory storage with this machine.

The stitching length is adjustable up to 4 mm, and the width is adjustable up to 5 mm. Its lightweight allows you to easily carry it along with you for any classes or group projects, making it one of the best sewing machines for design students. Bobbin case comes with a tension adjustment screw, and winding a bobbin does not require unthreading the machine.

This medium-duty machine is capable of sewing a wide range of fabrics such as natural, fine, knits, upholstery, and synthetics. Sewing even stretchy fibers such as spandex is possible when you add a ballpoint needle to the machine.

You can use it to sew lingerie, bras, swimwear, leotards, shorts, and yoga pants kind of clothes to your custom needs. Free arm, zipper foot, foot pedal controlled speed, adjustable feed dog, and 25 years of warranty are few mention-worthy features.

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Brother CS6000i

This Brother CS6000i computer-powered sewing machine hosts 60 stitches that come built-in by default, along with an LCD that displays stitches for selection. The elegant look it offers through its rounded body covered in light grey blends well into any décor, along with adding grace to your craft room.

It is accompanied by a plastic cover, an extra-wide table, along with useful tools such as a screwdriver, cleaning brush, seam ripper, eyelet punch, and an extra spool pin. A 25-year warranty is appreciated by many seamstresses as it serves them long enough.

With a speed of 850 SPM, this sewing machine can produce excellent projects, including the making of innerwear such as lingerie and bras. The features such as reverse stitch button, automatic needle threader, and buttonhole maker support to speed up your job.

You have complete control over the operation as you get to control the speed and the thread tension. The bobbin is jam-resistant and easy to insert as it comes with a quick-set facility.

Coming to accessories, you get bobbin, blind stitch foot, button fitting foot, buttonhole foot, monogramming foot, needle set, overcasting foot, quilt guide for foot holder, spring action quilting foot, twin needle, walking foot, and the zipper foot.

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How to Choose a Sewing Machine for Lingerie Makers?

Foot Pressure

An adjustable foot pressure allows you to glide your fabric smoothly when you maintain an appropriate pace that gives you wrinkle-free output. Otherwise, you need to struggle with elastic fabrics as they form wavy and mismatched seams that do not look good.

When you can apply the right amount of pressure, you get a smooth stitch that does not require a redo. Since ripping of the stitches and sewing again is not advisable for stretchy fabrics as they lose their proper shape in the process, you need to do it right the first time.

Zig-Zag Stitch

Zig-Zag stitch is necessary for sewing spandex and lycra type of fabrics. So, your machine must be equipped with zig-zag stitch capability. Just having it is not enough. You need to fine-tune the stitch length and width as stitching a bra requires various stitches.

Sometimes you need thin and small stitches and sometimes wide and large stitches or anything in between, so having a provision to sew various widths and lengths of zig-zag stitches is essential.

3-Step Zig-Zag

Though not a compulsory feature, it is a nice addition if you have the 3-step zig-zag. It gives extra durability for stitches which is highly appreciated for innerwear.

The 3-step zig-zag offers strong support to stitches due to its construction. As the innerwear requires to bear weight or is subjected to use several times than regular clothing, the extra reinforcement does help.

Straight Stitch Foot

A straight stitch foot does not differ much from an all-purpose foot when you look at them, but it is useful for stitching ¼” seams or 6 mm seams. As it is slightly narrower than the normal foot, you can use it as a seam guide and achieve neat results.

This foot is sometimes referred to as a patchwork foot also. Different machines may have different names, but all you have to look for is a presser foot with the specified width.

Extra Features

When you intend to purchase a new sewing machine for lingerie or innerwear, a few other additions are as follows. These extra features will make your work easier, and it would be nice to have

  • Knee-lift for easily lifting the foot when you sew tight curves
  • An LED light to illuminate the working area
  • Reverse stitch button to reinforce your edges quickly
  • Automatic needle threading facility to speed up your work
  • Adjustable thread tension for sewing various kinds of fabrics
  • Easy bobbin drop-in feature will allow you to quickly insert it

Another expert tip is to use a ballpoint needle or similar ones with spandex fabric, as a stitch sewn with a sharp-tipped needle tends to break the fibers. This leads to easy deterioration than the smooth tipped needle, which goes through the fabric and comes out without damaging it.

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