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Top 7 Best Sewing Machines for Doll Clothes

Sewing doll clothes might be your hobby, need, or for practice. No matter what your aim is, you need an apt sewing machine to achieve your goal successfully. As the saying goes – “well begun is half done”, half of your job is already completed when you start with proper equipment.

When you have so much importance for the gear you use in performing your job, why not start your sewing journey with a suitable sewing machine that can get half your job done effortlessly. If it is for your kids, they will be the happiest when you make the best doll clothes.

However, if it is for professional selling, hobby, or practice, you need the machine to handle all your growing needs as you progress. So, based on your necessity, you need to be equipped with an excellent sewing machine for fashionable results.

These sewing machines capable of sewing doll clothes are listed below. They are chosen from the top-notch machines in the market and have various options to give you precise and polished doll clothes as end products.

What Fabric Should You Use for Doll/Barbie Clothes?

There is a range of fabrics you can use for making barbie clothes. If you want a ball gown, you can go for the organza or tissue kind of sheer fabric lined with a satin or shimmer lining for that glam look.

For cool summer clothes, choose cool cotton. If you are bracing up your doll for the winter chills, then fur or wool it is. Making some casuals, then it can be anything from crepe with floral prints to georgette long gowns.

Not to forget the velvet gowns, which serve different purposes based on the length as in short bodycon dress will be a good party dress and the long plush gown will be oozing royalty.

Top 7 Best Sewing Machines for Doll Clothes

#1. Singer 3323 Talent 23 Stitch Patterns Factory Serviced

The 23 in-built stitches of Singer 3323 offer high versatility and let you finish your doll’s dress with a professionally finished look. These stitches cater to your creative palate, and you can use this best sewing machine for making doll clothes to sew intricate styles.

When you use the automatic one-step buttonhole stitch, which completes the task in a single step, you save both time and energy along with getting an elegant output. Designing a tiny dress for a doll becomes more interesting as you can accomplish several designs and patterns.

You can hem, sew the cuffs and create a collar easily using this machine. The free arm supports easy handling of fabric for both small dresses, which require good attention, and large projects requiring space.

This comes with a heavy-duty frame made of metal that adds sturdiness to your machine. A dial is provided to adjust various parameters such as stitch type, length, width, and thread tension.

The auto needle threader makes it a breeze to thread the needle in a jiffy, which also helps your eyes. Its amazing collection of presser feet consists of 8 different pieces, and the best thing about them is they simply snap on.

Since the bobbin is the top drop-in model of class 15, you can find the replacements easily, as you will need a lot more of them as you progress in your stitching journey. These bobbins allow horizontal thread delivery, which gives precise stitches.

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#2. Brother CS5055PRW 60 Stitch Computer Sewing Machine

Using Brother CS5055PRW, you can sew amazing doll clothes as it stitches evenly and gives a neatly finished output despite the small garment size. As its needle bar is fixed, the needle does not move to sides and works steadily.

This sewing machine can help in stitching heirloom stitches, quilting, or some other decorative embellishments that enhance the look of the doll’s dress. Simple summer dress or sophisticated ball gown, keep your doll fashion in trend according to the season or occasion.

Working on a thick, sheer, single layer, or multiple layers of fabrics is easy as it comes with a special feed system. The seven presser feet that come with this machine allow you to work on varied jobs.

The 60 in-built stitches give you ample designs to experiment with when you sew the doll clothes. Also, the 7 auto-size buttonhole styles allow you to enjoy plenty of flexibility for sewing buttonholes.

An LCD allows you to select the stitches using buttons. You just need to select the stitches by selecting them from the display using a few button pushes.

The main issue of insufficient lighting is addressed effectively for this sewing machine as it comes with an LED-lit working area. Usually, the machine itself obstructs the light, and the working area receives low lighting, which makes it difficult to see clearly.

The top drop-in bobbin, bright LCD screen, computerized stitch selection are few other mention-worthy facilities you get with this machine. All these advanced features make this sewing machine the best choice for sewing your doll clothes.

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#3. Juki HZL-70HW Computerized Sewing Machine

This full computerized lightweight machine, Juki HZL-70HW, works perfectly with its 800 SPM moderate speed. You get to select from 6 stitching patterns that are easy to select as they have direct buttons using which you can easily sew small clothes for the doll.

Similarly, there are buttons for other options, such as length adjustment and stitch width. It also comes with a quick reference plate and a small display for your convenience.

There are seven multi-functional presser feet included with this machine, and they help perform difficult jobs such as buttonholes and zipper attachment effortlessly. Adding the required attachments to the doll clothes will be a piece of cake using this machine.

Auto-button hole function allows you to sew the buttonholes to the exact size of the button by giving you the choice of selecting the size as per your need. It applies apt pressure using the pressure foot, which gives you flawless output on any kind of fabric, be it thick or thin.

The auto needle threading option is efficient as it effortlessly treads the needle, saving you time and eye strain. Finishing the end of the garment using this machine is a breeze as it comes with two kinds of lock stitches, making it the best sewing machine for small doll clothes.

The reinforcement lock stitch and the reverse lock stitch add strength to the start and end stitch, giving your doll’s dress a long life as the stitched do not come loose easily. The free arm, which comes with an embossed ruler for precise guidance, is the highlight feature.

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#4. Janome 2212 12 Stitch Full-Size Freearm Sewing Machine

The Janome 2212  is a free arm sewing machine with 860 SMP for your doll clothes. The free arm is convenient for sewing complex designs that require all-around sewing.

It is an entry-level machine and is perfect for beginners and trained users, giving neat output for sewing a doll dress. You get 12 in-built stitches that assist you in sewing various patterns.

Though the width of the stitch is alterable using the easy dials, its length is fixed at 4 mm. The four-step buttonhole requires fewer extra steps than the one-step ones, but still, it is easier than hand-sewn buttonholes.

You get a thread cutter that is useful in snipping the tread as you finish an edge. This feature saves you a lot of time as you need not stop, grab scissors and carefully trim the tread.

Similarly, a snap-on foot is also such a time saver as it’s changeable in seconds, and you will be sewing many different things using each presser foot just like that in a minute.

You can start learning sewing easily on this machine as it has simple operation and improving your skills as well as confidence is easier. When you develop your skills, it still proves to be useful as there are several options you can explore to get you going.

It is a lightweight machine that allows easy portability. Also, the drop feed system with a 3-piece feed dog is a mention-worthy feature of this machine.

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#5. Brother CS6000i

The Brother CS6000i is the least expensive computerized sewing machine. It also supports quilting and has several other features rarely found in this range of sewing machines.

Though sophisticated, it is still suitable for young inexperienced users due to its ease of operation. It comes from one of the most prominent sewing machine makers and helps you make small-sized clothes easily.

This is the best affordable sewing machine for doll clothes, as you cannot find this combo of high-level output and simplicity of use along with budget-price with any other machine. With 60 built-in stitches, you have numerous options to play with.

One-step buttonhole comes with seven types of options to use for various purposes and sizes. The quilting table and hardcover are provided with this machine. You get an LCD panel that displays your selected stitches and options.

You can adjust the stitch width and length using the buttons provided. Also, the start and stop buttons allow you to use the machine for automatic sewing without using the foot pedal.

Next comes the speed controls that help you to adjust it to the speed of your choice where you can guide the fabric comfortably. It comes with jam-resistance, which is one hell of a feature every newbie would want for their sewing machine as it is one of the nightmares every beginner has.

The 9 presser feet, automatic needle threader, top drop-in bobbin with quick-set, LED-lit work area, and whatnot. It has a plethora of features and comes value-packed. Also, it is versatile as well as pocket-friendly to purchase.

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#6. Juki TL-2000Qi

The JUKI TL-2000Qi comes with ultra-speed stitching of 1500 SPM. It is suitable for small projects such as doll clothes and heavy projects such as quilting.

This mid-range machine, once bought, can serve you for a lifetime as it has a professional level of capabilities that can encompass your skills even if you have your studio. Serious dressmakers consider this as a dream machine to possess.

The automatic thread trimmer and needle threader greatly impact getting you through your projects with speed and interest. It comes with other useful options such as a knee lever, a single pedal, LED lights, an extension table, and so on.

As it comes with an aluminum die-cast arm and bed, you find that it vibrates less in comparison to its counterparts. Adjusting the thread tension is a breeze using the dial provided.

The microcomputer that comes with this machine is responsible for controlling the speed based on the fabric you are using and the number of fabric layers. It also offers excellent needle control where the needle always stops in a down position and allows manual up and down facility.

As the LED light is placed directly over the work area, no other obstacles are present to sabotage your efforts to create a beautiful garment and support your hard work through adequate illumination.

The bobbin case is roomy and allows a convenient latch that makes it easier to replace or remove the bobbin. Though this machine is not for beginners, if you are planning to make sewing your serious hobby or profession and can afford it, it is worth every penny.

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#7. BabyLock Zeal Sewing Machine – From the Genuine Collection

BabyLock Zeal

The huge collection of 25 in-built stitches in the BabyLock Zeal sewing machine’s library allows intricate patterns, making it the best sewing machine for doll clothes. The one-step buttonhole is customizable to the button size, meaning you can sew all the extra-large buttonholes to the tiny ones.

This Babylock sewing machine comes with a free arm, and it allows free rotation of the cloth even when you need to sew sleeves in a total round without any issues. You find it is difficult to perform such jobs on sewing machines which are not equipped with such facility.

There are six presser feet and an embossed ruler at your service to aid you while you are engaged in bringing out that creative side of your doll clothes. These presser feet hold your fabric with appropriate pressure on the feed dog for giving you a neat result.

Similarly, you get an auto needle threader that threads the needle each time you change or when the tread slips out of the needle. Though a small job requires taking your concentration off the sewing, and even if you have eyesight issues, this feature helps.

Also, the thread cutter feature takes all the tedious effort off the thread work and leaves you with time, energy, and enthusiasm for the real stitching work. The drop-in bobbin system comes with a quick-set feature, and it sits in effortlessly.

Coming to the stitch adjustment, you have the option to adjust both the length and the width of a stitch. Above all, its preciseness makes it an apt machine for sewing small-sized clothes to altering and is a great option for DIYs.

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How To Sew Doll and Barbie Clothes With A Sewing Machine?

Coming to a basic frock, you can use two types of fabric—one for the yolk part and the other for the skirt part. The yolk may be made using velvet, satin, or any other interesting plain fabric.

For the skirt, part chooses a nice fluffy fabric that can either complement or contrast the top fabric. It all depends on the kind of look you want to achieve. Again, length is your choice. If you want a casual look go for knee-length, and for an elaborate look, go for ankle length.

You can use either fresh fabrics or scrap fabric that is left out of another project if it is big enough. Here let us create a full-length frock with few fills and a darted yolk that is the simplest form of a decent dress.

Measure the body part and note the shoulder to shoulder x shoulder to waist measurements. Then cut 2 rectangles with little seam allowance based on the dimensions you noted. Next, cut the fabric of the sleeves by checking the armhole and sleeve length.

Finally, finish the cutting part by taking double the length of fabric measuring waist round x waist to ankle length + seam allowance and folding length. Now that you are ready with basic blocks, let us make them usable by going into details.

Fold one of the yolk fabrics in half and mark the center, and cut the neck in a V pattern and the second yolk piece gets a round shape. Now keep the second piece folded in half and cut it in the center.

Now take the sleeves and lay them on each other by folding them lengthwise and then round one corner of the folded rectangle. Let us start sewing by folding the sleeve edge and then join the shoulders of both yolk parts using a straight stitch.

Fold the neck and cut out the middle portion of the back and sew it all in one length starting from one end of the back yolk part and through the neck and then to the second end. Now put little darts in front and back at 1/4th and 3/4th parts of the waist to slim the waist and to give a good shape to the yolk.

Next, join the sleeves to the top part and sew the open part of the sleeves along with joining the rest of the side part of the yolk along the way.

You have a blouse-like structure that now needs to be joined to the skirt part to make a full dress. Fold and sew the raw edge of the bottom side for the skirt part and also the smaller edges. Start joining the skirt part starting from the open-ended back part of the yolk.

During this process, gather fabric all along into small frills such that the skirt fabric should correctly fit the waist of the yolk fabric. Now join the skirt part leaving a little gap such that the waist part expands as you want to pull on the gown on the doll.

Finish it using the button and buttonhole facility, and your doll dress is all set for flaunting.

Which Is the Best Doll Clothes Sewing Machine?

A machine that supports sewing small clothes by automating a lot of processes such as threading the needle, cutting the thread, and so on is apt for sewing doll clothes. Since the clothes are small, you need to frequent these options almost every minute, making it a monotonous job.

These actions can cause an interruption in your creativity, and hence having them done automatically will allow you to work easily on small dresses. The free arm feature and other conveniences such as easily latching bobbin arrangement, knee lift, and similar facilities are also useful.

Though not completely necessary, having an LED light for the work area makes a huge difference in achieving preciseness. Several other similar requirements can go on as you advance, but these are the basic necessities for beginners.

How Long Does It Take to Sew a Doll/Barbie Dress?

You can sew a barbie dress relatively quick than a regular dress. The time factor depends on the design you opt for and the number of layers you need.

If you are making a single-layered cotton dress, then it is done in 30 minutes or less. If you are looking for an elaborate gown with patterns, layers, frills, and ruffles, then it can be anywhere from an hour to three hours or more based on the complexity.

Is It Difficult to Make Doll/Barbie Clothes with Thick Fabric?

When you have an apt machine, it is not difficult to make clothes with thick fabrics. But you need to make sure that you have good quality needles and use the proper presser foot arrangement.

You might need to adjust some other settings, such as speed and tension, to achieve good results. Similarly, using appropriate thread also plays an important role in holding the fabric together.

Final Words

Making doll clothes require preciseness as you need to handle small pieces of clothes. Sometimes it is sheer organza fabric, and sometimes it is thick velvets that you need to sew through either in a single layer or multiple layers.

This kind of work requires a sewing machine that can handle versatility and offer several sewing options that can fit your needs. Especially the free arm and easy thread-work options, including the bobbin, keep you stress-free while working on these creative projects.

If you love customization, the variety of stitches will cater to your requirements. Few of the above listed are computerized sewing machines that offer higher convenience even though they come with a little expensive price tag than others.

But it all narrows down to what you want and your capabilities when choosing a sewing machine. Since this list of the 7 best sewing machines suitable for sewing doll clothes contains machines of different levels of technical expertise and budgets, you will find it useful for choosing one.

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