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Top 3 Best Sewing Machines for Baby Clothes Reviewed

Welcoming a newborn is a whole new experience, and you want to make sure that your bundle of joy is safe and secure in all ways. Especially the clothes are a challenging aspect as babies have ultra-sensitive skin, making it hard to find a well-suited dress.

Despite several clothes and accessories available in the market, you will feel pleasure and security in making them from scratch as this keeps you informed of what goes into the garment or toy. Moreover, there are high chances of rashes when you use store-bought clothes.

Above all, handmade accessories and clothes are a way of sharing your love, be it for your baby or making it as a gift.

Are you aware of the fabric types that suit babies’ skin and which kind of fabric is useful for weather? Similarly, what kind of fabric is used in making babies’ clothes? And which sewing machine is appropriate for sewing baby clothes without any trouble and can give you a good finish?

So, here are your answers right below, where you will find all the necessary information on the right fabrics and the baby clothes sewing machines that can help you turn them into cute little garments and accessories.

6 Best Fabric for Baby Clothes

Sewing clothes for a baby requires focusing on fabric as their skin is gentle and finds most fabrics abrasive, leading to rashes. Below mentioned are the soft breathable fabrics or soft warm clothes that do not irritate the delicate baby skin.


Cotton is a natural fabric that is highly absorbent and soft to touch. When you choose organic cotton-made cloth, it is also free from pesticides and fertilizers, giving your baby safe and gentle apparel.

It is popularly used in making toddler’s and newborn’s clothes. Parents prefer to keep the babies comfortable by using cotton clothes for those suffering from allergies and specific skin conditions flared by synthetic fabrics.

As it is breathable, babies find it refreshing and light, which keeps them bother-free. The extraordinary comfort level it provides and the eco-friendly nature makes it the top choice of fabric for baby clothes.

Jersey Knit

The jersey knit fabric is ultra-soft and breathable, making it the best choice for baby clothes. As it is easy to work, even beginners find it easily manageable for stitching. Its stretchy nature and pilling resistance allow you to work fashionably with it.

This cotton knit fabric can endure a good amount of wear and tear and becomes softer after each wash. The jersey knit fabric might curl after washing if you do not hem the edges.

You can choose to keep few edges, such as a top’s bottom end unhemmed to achieve a fun edge that gives a curled look. As this fabric is amazingly soft, you can sew anything from a onesie to baby rompers.

Bamboo Rayon

The cozy wraps and blankets are best for babies when made with bamboo rayon fabric. It is so soft that you can also make hats and other garments that keep the baby’s skin irritation-free and provide an ultra-soft feeling to them.

It is derived from bamboo, meaning it is completely natural and has the common feature of temperature regulation that natural fibers have. This fabric is suitable even for sensitive babies as it does not trap extra heat and keeps your baby at an amicable temperature.

Hence it is a useful fabric when you need to layer the clothing to keep the temperature balanced. Also, its durability is another good reason to choose this fabric apart from all its wonderful features.


Though not as breathable as the above fabrics, Minky fabric has a great softness that makes it useful for colder climates. This plush and cozy fabric is polyester knit and has a brushed pile that feels soft to touch.

Even soft toys and pillow covers are made from Minky fabric as they feel luxurious for babies to roll on. Minky fabrics are available in several online fabric stores such as fabric.com, and they come in long and short piles.

Also, several designs, embossing, prints, and solid color varieties are found in this fabric. Using this bright-colored fabric, you can create interesting blankets and toys for your babies to brighten up their surroundings.


This extremely soft and quick-drying fabric is highly appreciated for the warmth it provides. Hence this is the right choice for blankets and outer layer clothing. Babies find it cozy and the first choice of clothing for making your newborn comfortable.

It is also considered perfect for babies as it resists stains and is simple to wash. You can use it in making clothes and accessories for babies and enjoy the warm and cozy feel of the fleece. Find more sewing machines for fleece here.


Gauze fabric comes in two variants of double and single gauze. It is also made from cotton, but it is lighter and more breathable than normal cotton clothes. You find it so airy and lightweight that it feels perfect for your baby.

The single gauze consists of one layer, where the double gauze has two layers tacked at regular intervals. When you go for Japanese double gauze, you will be amazed at its softness and opacity.

What Are the Best Sewing Machines for Baby Clothes?

1. JUKI MO654DE Thread Serger Sewing Machine

This portable lightweight serger is highly recommended for knit fabric as they provide a neat finish for the end product. This machine comes with 2/3/4 thread options and an automatic rolled hem that works with several fabric types.

The adjustable stitch length offers up to 4mm length that you can use according to your requirement. The powerful knife on the right of the needle is sharp and trims the leftover fabric well.

Due to this feature, you should take extra care of the fabric to not get trimmed by the knife accidentally. It comes with few changeable sewing feet, four different thread spools, and knobs that seem sophisticated.

Though it seems intimidating, all you need is some time to get adapted to the machine, especially for a beginner. But once you get to know JUKI MO654DE, you will love it.

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2. Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

The Brother XM2701 comes with 27 stitch options, including stretch, blind hem, zigzag, and decorative zig-zag stitch. You can use this sewing machine to work with stretch materials such as cotton, which will get damaged when stitched using the normal machine.

You will find this machine easy to use even if you are a beginner as it is highly user-friendly. Even materials such as jersey knit and cotton that require little expertise in sewing due to their stretchiness are easy to handle when you start working with this machine.

As it comes with 6 presser feet, 4 bobbins, twin needles, and a 3-piece needle set, you can use it for various projects (both light and heavy projects). It is suitable for both novice and advanced dressmakers. It supports sewing knit fabric well, so it is a good choice to sew baby clothes.

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3. Brother CS5055PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine

If you are looking for a step up in the same brand, you can go for Brother CS5055PRW, which comes with 50 stitches that give you more versatility. Sewing sophisticated projects is a breeze with this machine as it comes with an LCD for checking your settings and a LED light for illuminating your work area even in a low-light condition.

You get 7 sewing feet, twin needles, and a 3-piece needle set along with this machine. The twin needles provide excellent support to stitch your knit fabric perfectly. Creating buttonholes, attaching zippers and adding decorative stitches on top, and overcasting the edges is very easy with this machine.

It is not recommended for beginners as it comes with high capabilities and functions which they might not use till they become an advanced user. However, advanced users find it amazingly versatile and useful for most kinds of fabrics.

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