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Top 3 Best Sewing Machines for Shoes

It is not easy to sew a shoe with a standard sewing machine because sewing shoes requires heavy and stubborn material, and this will break the needle regularly.

Sewing shoes on a sewing machine requires heavy-duty equipment that can handle thick materials such as leather, jute, and so on, along with multiple layers of sewing.

Let us see three of such sewing machine features and what else they have to offer, along with their proficiency in handling different fabrics.

How to Choose a Shoe Sewing Machine?

When you try to choose a sewing machine for sewing a shoe, make sure that it can easily quilt tough fabrics. It should be able to pierce through stubborn fabrics without and difficulty and must be able to accommodate a very thick needle for this purpose.

Also, enough power generation is important, along with consistent stitches. You need even stitches which stay strong for long as well as professional-looking output. Usually, these qualities are found in heavy-duty sewing machines.

Check what kinds of leather they can sew through and if they satisfy the criteria for your needs. These machines are highly versatile and suitable for sewing garments, making them useful for several other light or medium projects.

Top 3 Best Sewing Machine for Shoes

#1. Janome HD3000

Janome HD3000 is both a versatile as well as durable mechanical sewing machine due to its well-thought engineering. It is capable of delivering high-quality work. It is an easy-to-use setup with a simple layout that makes it suitable for beginners also.

It can do zippers to blankets anything effortlessly, providing you a scope to work on innumerable projects, and this machine is all you need to have. You get a hardcover with this machine which is highly appreciated by many users.

The one-step buttonhole, speed of 860 SPM, automatic needle threader, free arm, 18 stitch types, stitch chart, reverse facility, and adjustable stitch length, as well as the width, are some of the features most seamstresses appreciate.

It comes with a snap-on presser foot with pressure adjustability. You can control the pressure by using the dial and adjust it for various fabrics making it easier to handle different fabrics.

It satiates your multiple skills and helps you provide the exact creation of your dreams with its high versatility. You get a built-in thread cutter which saves you a lot of time, helps you focus, and gives you neat output.

This heavy-duty machine comes with a hardcover, package of bobbins, two packs of leather needles, one pack of universal needles, lint brush, spool holder, additional spool pin, screwdriver, bobbin, and seam ripper.

You can store your accessories in the storage area built near the bobbin holder. The transparent bobbin housing allows you to check how much bobbin thread is remaining easily.

Coming to the presser fee,t you get a zipper, blind hem, over-edge, buttonhole foot, and rolled hem with the machine. Based on your package,e you may also get an ultra-glide foot.

The instruction manual, foot control, and power cord are also included with the machine making it a complete ready-to-start kit. You have everything you need right at an arm’s length where you just need to start to get going.

Lightweight fabrics such as lawn, georgette, organdy, chiffon, voile, lace, silk, crepe de chine, nylon, and lycra can be sewn using one or two settings for pressure.

Whereas medium weight fabrics such as serge double knits, piquet, linen, cotton, percale, and so on, as well as heavyweight fabrics like denim, upholstery, and so on need three or four pressure setting.

Though this machine is capable of sewing up to 8 layers of denim, it is not suitable for industrial-grade leather. However, sewing faux leather and other thin leather garments are possible.

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#2. Singer HD4452

The SINGER HD4452 can stitch 32 kinds of stitches, including an automatic 1-step buttonhole. Selecting the stitches is convenient due to the LCD screen that displays your options where you select them using the touch buttons.

This sewing machine is a computerized heavy-duty machine that can be termed a workhorse for its working capacity. You can program the needle to hold up in the up position or down position of whichever you feel suitable.

As it has an extra-high sewing speed of 1,100 sti/min and is powerful enough to pierce through multiple layers of fabric or thick fabrics, you can rely on it for most of your projects. Threading the needle or inserting the bobbin is a piece of cake as it has an automatic needle threader and a top drop-in bobbin facility.

The transparent cover for the bobbin allows you to see through to make sure that you have enough thread on the bobbin without removing it. With the 4 presser feet that come with this machine, you can enjoy enhanced capability when you change them and utilize them for various defined jobs.

The heavy-duty, durable metal frame and higher piercing power, along with computerized electronic features, enable it to perform several high-end tasks. The stitch applications are suitable for decorative stitches, basic, and also convenient to stitch stretch-based fabrics.

The free-motion sewing and the drop-feed for buttons make your tasks easier than their counterparts. Its nice grey-colored body looks classy, and the neat display of stitches makes it easy for selection using the arrow buttons provided.

Despite several stitches, you can select them in few steps, which is another highly appreciated feature of this sewing machine. Features such as reverse button, adjustable thread tension, adjustable stitch width, and automatic needle threader make your work easier.

All in all, it’s a computerized machine with heavy-duty but simple enough to use even for beginners. Advanced users find it comprehensive of all their needs because of its several functions.

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#3. Brother ST371HD

The Brother ST371HD is a heavy-duty sewing machine powerful enough to sew heavyweight fabrics without any difficulty. You could also use it to sew lightweight fabrics, making it an all fabric compatible machine.

This first-class machine is capable of sewing 800 stitches in a minute despite the thickness of the cloth. As this sewing machine is equipped with excellent speed, you find it a gamechanger when you complete a job quickly.

Its impressive features include 37 unique built-in stitches, which include blind hem, decorative reinforcement, stretch, and zigzag stitches. Selecting the required stitch is an easy process using its stitch selector, and free-motion sewing is possible using the drop feed system it provides.

The top drop bobbin comes with a quick-set feature that takes care of bobbin alignment with the convertible free arm. This facility allows you to access difficult-to-reach areas flexibly.

The automatic needle threader threads the needle effortlessly. You can completely focus on your project rather than wait away the time trying to get the thread through the needle, which does take considerable time.

The non-stick foot is both firm and allows the fabric to glide smoothly, giving you the much-needed support to handle difficult fabrics such as leather. It provides decent stitches without any unnecessary puckering or getting struck, even with tough fabrics.

You get 11 lightweight fabric suitable needles, 14 needles that can work through multiple layers of fabric, 16 needles that effortlessly sew through heavyweight fabrics in the metal needle plate. The automatic buttonhole maker is capable of creating specific-sized holes suitable for your button size.

Its 3 needle positions, 6 feed dogs, impressive speed, 1 LED lighting, and a stitch width of 7mm, and length of 5mm are few other mention-worthy features. The stitch length is not adjustable, and that I find it to be a little inconvenient.

It comes with an assortment of accessories such as button sewing foot, blind stitch foot, zipper foot, spring action zigzag foot, non-stick foot, buttonhole foot, spool pin, 4 bobbins, foot controller, twin needle, power cord, operation manual, and instructional DVD.

With its 25 years of warranty, rich features, several accessories, and excellent quality build, your investment in this machine will be worth every penny.

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