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Brother GX37 Sewing Machine Review

The Brother GX37 model comes with 37 built-in stitches, suitable for a beginner to operate and show off her stitching skills. A complete novice doesn’t require a lot of built-in stitches, thus 37 stitch options are enough to learn how to sew and show off their originality.

These 37 stitch types are permanently etched on the machine for quick access. By just rotating the dial, you may choose from a variety of stitch designs. It’s only a bit lower on the machine than the imprinted picture.

It’s wonderful to have a free arm included in the Brother GX37 when sewing handcuffs and sleeves. Sewing baby clothing with it is also a good idea. The free arm portion can be utilized to store small items such as bobbins.

This is a great sewing machine for everyday usage and mending garments. For mending garments, a sewing machine is a must-have, especially if you have young children. Their clothing is frequently mended. With Brother GX37, you don’t have to go to the shop for repairs can save you a lot of money in the long term.


  • It’s simple to set up.
  • Simple to use without having to learn how to utilize all of the other features.
  • It’s a sewing machine that’s silent.
  • A reasonable price


  • There isn’t a Start/Stop button.
  • There are no needle stops in the up or down positions.
  • There isn’t an automated thread cutter.
  • There is no speed adjustment on this sewing machine.

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  • Automatic needle threader: This implies the machine does the threading for you instead of having to do it manually.
  • LED light: This is built-in where the light is needed the most. It’s right next to where you’re stitching. When you’re working on a project, sometimes you need a little more light to see things.
  • Quick Set Bobbin: This type makes loading the bobbin a breeze. It’s on top of everything, not below it. Because the bobbin cover is transparent, you can easily see how much thread supply is left on the bobbin.
  • Bobbin winder: The bobbin winding method makes a winding thread in the bobbin a breeze. I’m curious how long it will take you to finish winding the thread in the bobbin by hand. It will take an eternity. What would we do if this feature didn’t exist?
  • Feed dog: The machine has seven feed dog points built-in to provide you better control while sewing with the cloth. The more feed dogs there are, the better they are at controlling the cloth.
  • Foot controller: This machine will be controlled by a foot pedal. The quicker the machine goes, the harder you press down on the foot controls. The only way to manage the stitching speed is to use this method.
  • Reverse Sewing Lever: The reverse sewing lever allows the sewing machine to stitch backward or in reverse when pressed. This will come in helpful for sewing the seam’s beginning and conclusion. This is to prevent the seam from loosening.
  • Tension control dial: The dial on this type allows you to change the top thread tension. That means you’ll be able to fine-tune how slack or tight your thread tension is. This feature is not available on all sewing machines.
  • One-step automatic buttonhole: Making buttonholes is a breeze with the included buttonhole foot.
  • Thread cutter: The thread cutter is placed on the machine head’s top left side. This manual thread cutter requires you to feed the thread through the cutter by hand to cut it. Even if you can’t find a pair of scissors, having it on hand is still useful.

Twin needle option: This option has been added to the machine so that you may sew with twin needles on your projects. It is entirely up to you to utilize this feature, but it is nice to have.

When stitching using twin needles, you may use two distinct colors of thread. It’s mostly used for ornamental stitching.

Please keep in mind that stitching with twin needles necessitates manually threading each needle. The machine comes with one twin needle; however, finding extra Brother brand twin needles may be difficult. I looked online to see if I could find any, but they were not accessible.

The model for the twin needle part code is X57521-021:2.0/75 with a 2 mm width. If you can’t find it, you can try using a twin needle from another manufacturer, but make sure it’s compatible with this machine. You can always go to an authorized service center in your area.


How Many Stitches Can You Sew Per Minute?

The sewing pace on this machine is rather rapid. You can sew up to 850 stitches per minute using it. To be safe, I wouldn’t recommend sewing that quickly if you’re a complete beginner.

Can You Adjust The Stitch Length And Width?

I’m pleased to report that the answer is yes. The dial may be used to change the length and breadth of the stitches. The longest stitch length is 5mm, and the widest stitch width is 7mm.

You should generally stick to the specified stitch length and width from the handbook for the stitch style designs.

Is There a Carrying Case Included?

This model does not have a carrying case. When not in use, it comes with a soft cover to protect the machine from dust. There is a section that you may grasp to move it around.

You can always buy a traveling case separately if you truly need one. Just double-check that the case will fit this model machine using the specifications shown above. You don’t want to buy anything and then have to return it because it doesn’t fit.

What Is The Best Way to Thread a Brother GX37 Sewing Machine?

It’s not difficult to thread this model. The manufacturer has provided you with a short reference guide to help you thread it. Even images and written words with step-by-step directions are included in the reference guide.

The lower and upper threading guides may be downloaded by clicking here. The PDF may contain a better graphic than the ones shown here. In case the PDF is no longer available, I’ve added the pictures below.

Oh, and the reference guide is published not just in English but also in Spanish. Lower threading takes only 10 stages, whereas Upper threading takes 12 steps.

If you need to know how the threading works, please click the images below to expand and open them in a new window. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the user handbook will also give you these instructions.

What Bobbin Size to Use on This Model?

If you need more bobbins for this model, stick with the Brother brand because various firms produce bobbins for their sewing machines. Additional Brother bobbins can be purchased by clicking here.

The bobbin part’s model number is SA156. There are a total of four bobbins included with the machine. One of them should be inside the machine.

Other bobbins produced by third parties are not recommended. They will almost certainly not fit, and the machine will not function correctly. It may harm the machine.

If you must use bobbins from other companies, adhere to the 11.5 mm (7/16′′) bobbin sizes.

What Voltage Does This Machine Use?

This machine operates at 110 volts and is intended for use in a United States outlet. As a result, if you live outside of the United States, you should avoid purchasing this model.

Where Is This Machine Made?

If you’re interested in where the machine is produced, the packaging says it’s built in Vietnam, and the entire package weighs 15.9 pounds. This includes the machine as well as any extras.

Is There a Large Table Included with This?

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t. If you require a sewing machine with a large table, the Janome JW8100 or Brother CS6000I sewing machines are good options. These two sewing machines have a larger table, but they cost a bit more.

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