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Singer 3323S Sewing Machine Review

Are you new to the fashion world? Would you like to learn to sew as a hobby? The SINGER Talent 3323S portable sewing machine is just what you’re looking for! The 3323S is not only small and light, but it is also highly flexible and easy to use.

It is, in fact, ideal equipment for novices with a creative streak. It enables you to sew and embellish. The finest thing is that it operates straightforwardly.

It’s easy to carry about and travel with, thanks to its tiny and lightweight design. Stay tuned because you’re going to discover everything there is to know about it!

Why Choose Singer 3323S Portable Sewing Machine?

If you’re unsure what makes this machine so valuable, we can help you figure it out. Described, the Singer Talent 3323S is a straightforward sewing machine. It comes with all of the functionality needed for basic stitching and is reasonably priced for a machine designed for beginners.

It may be used to sew, embellish, and quilt. The user may modify the thread length and width to employ different stitching techniques. Not only that, but it’s also light, small, and portable.

It also includes several attachments as well as presser feet. Furthermore, the stitch selection dial makes it simple to choose among the 23 built-in stitches.

So, basic tasks, craftwork, and learning to sew are all made simple with this machine!

The traditional white body of the Look Singer 3323S is clean and small. There are red, black, and blueprints on it. The sewing machine is attractive thanks to a classy curving design in gray and blue.

Advantages of Singer 3323S

Well Equipped

The machine comes with all of the functions that one would expect in a basic sewing machine. Furthermore, for the same price, it delivers more than most other basic sewing machines.

Convenient Storage Space

The sewing machine includes a convenient storage compartment. It fits nicely into the small form while also allowing for the storage of a variety of accessories. The vast range of presser feet that come with the machine is one of these accessories.

User-friendly instruction manual

A user-friendly instruction booklet is also included with the sewing machine. The handbook is well-written and geared toward people who are new to stitching. This helps consumers to have a better understanding of how the equipment works. It also makes stitching a lot more straightforward.


The machine’s lightweight construction makes it compact and portable. Because of its portability, you can stitch wherever you want. It is also simple to transport the machine on vacations and travels.


Singer 3323S has a sleek and small design that allows it to be stored in tighter areas. The machine may be installed in almost any place and does not require a lot of space. This also ensures that the machine does not detract from the aesthetics of your house.

Drawbacks of Singer 3323S Sewing Machine

Unable to Handle Extra-Thick Fabric

It is unable to handle heavy-duty operations or heavier materials. Similarly, it is not well-equipped to collaborate on a large project. As a result, it can’t handle particularly thick textiles or several layers of cloth.

Lightweight Foot Pedal

It’s not only light in weight, but it’s also tricky to adjust. As a result, it may obstruct smooth stitching.

Thread Tension

The thread tension adjustment does not function smoothly. Thread breakage and a cluster of threads form as a result of this. As a result, it may damage a seam, necessitating a re-do.

Plastic and gear pieces make up the machine. These are unable to give long-term durability. These also make it impossible for people to conduct heavy-duty tasks. After a while, the machine may stop running as smoothly.

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23 Built-in Stitches

For all types of stitching, the machine has 23 built-in stitches. Basic sewing and even ornamental stitching are among them.


One-step buttonholes are available on the 3323S. These allow users to sew buttonholes in a single, easy step. As a result, following several procedures to obtain the ideal hole is no longer a burden. It also contributes to uniformity by sewing the same holes every time.

Automatic Needle Threader

The automated needle threading technology is also included with the 3323S. This guarantees that your needle is threaded at all times. Furthermore, automated threading eliminates the trouble of threading and the risk of getting stabbed by needles. The function saves time and avoids eye strain, which is a plus for those who are nearsighted or elderly.

Top Drop-in Bobbin

Transparent bobbins and bobbin casings are available from Singer. These see-through bobbins make thread monitoring easier, reducing the risk of users running out of thread while sewing. Threading bobbins is also made much easier by transparency.

Stitch selection dial

The stitch selection is made simple with the use of a dial. On the selection, the dial is noted the built-in stitches. You may sew using the stitch you’ve chosen by simply rotating the dial. It’s also simple and painless.

Stitch length

Stitch length may also be adjusted on the Singer Talent 3323S. This allows you to modify the appearance of your stitch. Stitch lengths may also be easily increased or decreased as a result of this. It also enables the use of a wide range of stitching methods, including appliqué, basting, and many more.

Stitch width

Stitch width may be changed in the same way that stitch length can. Adjustments of up to 5mm are possible with this function. Furthermore, the stitches are adjustable from left to right, allowing you to effortlessly select how thin or broad you want your stitches to be.

Foot Pressure

The 3323S has an adjustable foot pressure, which is useful for stitching both lightweight and heavy fabrics. Because you may need to change pressure while dealing with different fabric thicknesses, this is the case. This makes it simple to feed the fabric into the machine.

Reversing Lever

The stitch can be reversed or backward by using this lever. This is done to allow for retracing. Backtracking prevents stitches from coming undone by locking the seam at the end and beginning of stitches.

The inside of this sewing machine features a metal frame. The machine’s metal frame makes it robust and long-lasting.

Sewing Speed

The machine’s highest stitch speed is 1100 per minute. This is higher than the average SPM of 800 offered by most other machines. In terms of this characteristic, the Singer Talent 3323S outperforms the competition. A high stitch speed helps the user stitch more quickly, allowing more work to be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.

Free arm

When you live off the detachable storage box of the 3323S, you’ll see a free arm. Smaller projects or curved designs are easier to manage with a free arm. It also makes stitching trouser hems and sleeve cuffs a breeze.


The machine comes with a protective softcover. It may be used to cover your computer to prevent dust from destroying it.

Presser Feet

The presser feet are made to make removal and installation simple. When utilizing various stitching techniques, snap-on presser feet make it simple to interchange feet.

Foot lifter

A high-pressure foot lifter is also included in the machine. The machine’s extra-high foot location allows it to adapt to thicker fabrics. As a result, working with a variety of materials and textiles is easier.

Twin Needles

This function comes in handy when working with non-straight stitches. When stitching with two needles, it also allows for a smaller stitch width. Twin needles are useful for clearing out presser feet when stitching.


The Singer 3323S has a 25-year warranty. This covers the majority of the machine’s operating components as well as the machine head. Dropping the machine is not a viable option.

The motor and electrical parts are covered by a 5-year guarantee. The warranty covers labor for one year. For a year, the remainder of the components is likewise covered.


Finally, Singer Talent 3323S is an excellent choice for novices. It has a reasonable price and a wide range of features. In reality, it simplifies the process of learning to sew. This is also aided by the instruction handbook. Users may also quickly accomplish simple sewing and handicraft tasks with the Talent 3323S.

This sewing machine may be used for stitching, quilting, and decorating. It might not be able to tackle larger tasks or thicker materials, though.

It also comes with a variety of presser feet to make sewing easier and more enjoyable. The 3323S is very simple to transport and store. On the other hand, the machine may not be as robust as it appears due to its plastic gear.

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