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Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine Review for 2021

The Brother PQ1500SL is a power-packed sewing machine that is perfectly designed for quilters. The amazing machine comprises several features that will leave you in awe.

Also, just like any other machine, this particular one has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s be just plain honest here and get a real review of the Brother PQ1500SL.

The sewing machine has been specially designed for quilters and a dream model for any serious quilters. Besides, unlike other super expensive machines out there, this one has a quite reasonable price. The sewing model offers a wide extension table required for working with quilts or other larger projects.

Additionally, the extra space is a significant factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, it features a 1,500 stitching speed per minute, which is again impressive for machines with this price.

One of this sewing machine’s best features is that it can be easily used for either quilting or sewing projects.

The Brother PQ1500SL is a very highly rated model, along with happy reviews from customers all over the world.

Additionally, the stunning machine features numerous accessories that come along with the product. Let’s get an in-detail review of each of the accessories of the sewing machine.

What I Like About Brother PQ1500SL

  • The Brother PQ1500SL is a power-packed quilting machine for quilters. It has several features and accessories to help you with the same. You won’t find a machine with these many features at such a decent price range.
  • The machine is quite a heavy-duty one that is capable of handling both lightweight and sturdy fabric. It does not wobble or move while working with heavy materials, unlike other machines.
  • Also, the oiling process is straightforward and does not require any help at all. The machine has small gaps wherein you can pour some oil. You won’t have to open the machines for the oiling process.

What I Don’t Like About Brother PQ1500SL

  • The machine only offers a straight stitch. You can’t experiment with zig-zag, overcasting, or buttonholes. If you are a creative person, then this feature can limit your choices.
  • If you are a beginner, this is not the type of machine you would want to start with. The machine is specifically designed for the experienced.
  • The user manual does not include detailed instructions on the set up of the machine. Hence, it can turn out to be a big disappointment if you expect an easy installation.

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What Are Other Owners Saying About This?

Since the Brother PQ1500SL machine is quite a popular product, it has many happy customers or product owners.

Other quilters have an impressive review of this machine and call it the ‘most recommended and essential’ product for all.

If you wish to get a smooth working, fine finish quality, powerful and performance-oriented quilting machine, then this is exactly what you should invest in.

It has some amazing customer reviews online with high ratings on every platform.

Do take note that this machine is not an entry-level machine meant for beginners.

It might take you time to get acquainted with the working of the machine initially. However, with consistent use, you can create stellar pieces of art.

Features of Brother PQ1500SL

#1. Adjusting Needle Position

The Brother PQ1500SL is a creatively constructed quilting machine that is a dream product for any quilters.

This is why it features an adjustable needle position required for quilting purposes. The adjustable needle position makes quilting convenient and easy, like a breeze.

Similarly, the feature helps you save your time and effort required for any quilting project.

To adjust the needle position, all you got to do is turn the handwheel, which is placed at the side of the sewing machine.

These are usually similar to traditional or older sewing machines. The best feature of having the needle position is that you won’t have to spend time setting up the machine and can use your time for quilting purposes.

#2. Regulating Stitch Length

The next feature of the Brother PQ1500SL is the Regulating Stitch Length. This feature allows you to change the length of every stitch required for quilting.

Furthermore, if you wish to alternate between the stitch length, you can use the ‘Stitch Length Regulating Dial’, which is available on the machine’s front.

Though there are several options for quilting machines available online or in the market, they do not have this interesting feature.

However, this particular model from Brother is quite different from the rest of the sewing machines and offers customers a wide range of accessories and features to work on.

This creates a good working experience with the sewing machine.

#3. Knee Lifter

The Brother PQ1500SL comes with a built-in knee lifter, a valuable or useful feature for any serious quilter. The knee lifter allows or enables the user from hands-free working of the presser foot.

This gives you an ample amount of time and energy to concentrate on removing or repositioning the fabric. You can focus well on the material rather than worrying about the presser foot.

Similarly, this feature also enables you to adjust the tension of the machine with ease.

At the same time, when you work with a knee lifter, you need to know how to operate it at the right pressure.

This is known to boost your speed and helps you work faster as well. A knee lifter is truly a must-have product in any quilting machine.

#4. Needle Threader

This quilting machine does not have an automatic needle threader, unlike other sewing or quilting machines. However, Brother PQ1500SL has a quick load needle threader.

It has a working that is quite similar to the automatic needle threader and gently glides the thread into the needle.

This feature is essential for those who have weak eyesight or the elderly.

You won’t have to focus or strain your eyes while putting the thread through the needle.

It is also essential to note that this method is not as efficient as the automatic needle threader and can go wrong.

Hence, when you work with this feature, you need to be extremely patient with faster results.

#5. Automatic Thread Cutter

The Brother PQ1500SL has an automatic thread cutter feature, which is another important aspect of quilters.

Though it is quite a common feature in modern-day sewing and quilting machines, the thread cutter is known to save your time and effort for your quilting projects.

The main job of the thread cutter is to cut the upper and lower ends of the thread while quilting. This ultra-useful feature is a beneficial aspect that helps you to complete your projects faster and easier.

It simplifies your quilting process and eliminates your need for taking scissors every single time while working. This is why Brother PQ1500SL is quite a popular quilting machine among users.

#6. Free Motion Quilting

The quilting itself is a difficult task as compared to sewing. This is why when you quilt, you need to have certain features and accessories to simplify the quilting procedure.

Often quilters look for free motion quilting features when you plan on investing in a machine.

And the Brother PQ1500SL offers you exactly what you need. The free motion quilting helps you get your work done faster than ever.

This is a feature that is one of the most wanted specifications that users look for. The free motion quilting feature enables you to quilt easily like no other.

If you plan to buy durable and reliable sewing and quilting machine, this product is surely a must buy.

#7. Sewing Speed

The Brother PQ1500SL is a high-speed stitching machine that is definitely worth a buy. It offers a staggering 1,500 stitches per minute that allows you to complete your work faster.

This also allows you to take up more work as it increases your productivity as well.

Also, the machine does not produce any sound while operating. It is a silent and quiet machine that gives you astounding results every time. It is efficient as well as reliable.

Furthermore, the machine does not have any jamming issues as such.

A majority of the customers have found the machine to have a smooth operation. However, do take note that the sewing speed is controlled by a foot pedal.

This foot pedal is usually found in older or traditional sewing machines. Hence, it allows you to control the speed too.

#8. Extension Table

The extension table of the Brother PQ1500SL is quite big and wide. Such a huge extended table allows you to work efficiently with larger projects.

The table measures 12″ x 18″ and is considered very large to other quilting machines.

The table adds up to your working space and allows you to work with ease. Now you won’t have to adjust your material or fabric constantly to fit into space.

Invest in this quilting machine and experience the best of sewing and quilting.

This is especially beneficial if you work a lot with heavy fabrics or materials.

#9. Thread Tension Control

This is another one of the amazing features that are included with the Brother PQ1500SL machine. Now you can easily control the thread tension using a simple dial.

It allows you to change or alternate between the tension levels as per requirement. At the same time, a few customers mentioned that they faced trouble adjusting the tension levels.

This is generally due to not knowing the right way to do so. Make sure that the machine is threaded before you start adjusting the thread tension controls.

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Brother PQ1500SL Sewing Machine Accessories

Like any other sewing machine is incomplete without its set of extra accessories and features, this one will be inadequate without the necessary equipment.

The Brother PQ1500SL is a feature-rich and accessory rich product that simplifies your sewing process. There are many accessories that come with this product.

They are rolled hem, adjustable zipper, invisible zipper, walking, spring action quilting, and quarter-inch feet.

Additionally, you also receive a knee lifter, high shank, needle packet, spool cap, ballpoint needle, fabric separator, 5 metal bobbins, cleaning brush, and so much more.

Tips For Using Brother PQ1500SL Sewing Machine

Make sure to oil the machine at regular intervals for easy and smooth operation. Do remember that this is an industrial styled quilting machine that requires regular oiling.

Like any other device, even this machine requires maintenance, and you need to make the same efforts.

It is best to oil at least once every week. Plan a day in the week for oiling purposes and stick to it without fail.

Additionally, the oiling process is straightforward and does not need any instructions that you need to follow. Simply use the cleaning brush accompanied by the accessory list and use it to reach small places.

You will also need to get some online help with the needle threading process. As we mentioned earlier, the machine does not have an automatic needle threader, yet something similar to that.

You might need some practice before the process is a breeze for you. Besides, you can also find tons of videos online to help you with the same.

Check the Price of Brother PQ1500SL on Amazon

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