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Juki MO-104D Serger Overlock Machine Review

My rating for the Juki MO-104D serger: 4.7

Are you interested in purchasing a reasonably priced sewing machine to develop or showcase your sewing skill? Then there is no better option than the Juki MO-104D serger machine. It is a lightweight, portable, and user-friendly serger packed with superior features for the ultimate sewing experience.

There is no comparison between this Juki model and other expensive machines regarding the simplicity of operation, and you will be surprised by its efficiency. Most customers consider this Juki MO-104D a versatile serger machine that promises cost-effectiveness and produces flawless stitches.

What I Like About Juki MO-104D

  • If you are a beginner and wish to get an entry-level serger machine, then the Juki MO 104D is exactly what you need. It is a user-friendly serger machine that is specifically designed for novices.
  • The instruction manual is very informative and has clear instructions for every operation. If you seem to feel stuck while working, simply have a glance at the manual for step-by-step threading instructions and more.
  • Usually, when serger machines used at high speeds are known to create loud noises. However, with the Juki MO-104D serger, you get seamless quiet operation even at top speeds.
  • The cutting width is adjustable
  • Lightweight, portable, and durable, suitable for travel and fashion design students

What I Don’t Like About

  • This serger machine has one minor disadvantage. For this machine, you need to use specific needles like 130R/ 750H.

Where to Find the Best Price

Check the Price of the Juki MO-104D on Amazon

Features of Juki MO-104D Serger

Easy Thread Tension Adjusting

Did you face trouble adjusting the thread tension on other machines? Then, with Juki MO 104D, you won’t have any such issues. You can easily adjust the thread tension with the flick of a switch.

The tension setting can be set between 1-9. If you want to work with knit fabric and serger threads, the ideal setting is about 4. However, this can also depend on the material you are working with and the type of thread you are using.

Lay-in Thread Tension Slots

Threading this serger machine is an easy process. All you need to do is to place each thread in its color-coded slot. You don’t need to wrap it around anything. Press the thread down to click in its place. Then, you will find a threading direction that you need to follow.

Also, you can thread the lower loop more simply. Just slide the thread into the slot to snap the looper.

Automatic Rolled Hemming

The Juki MO-104D serger machine has a fingertip control feature. It helps you produce rolled hems without changing the throat or footplate. This particular feature rolls the material’s cut edge over itself, thus securing firm stitches in place.

Adjustable Differential Feed

The differential feed comprises a ratio range between 0.7mm to 2mm, allowing you to stitch flat and even stitches on the fabric.

Also, you can create beautiful ruffles on the sleeves and a variety of creative patterns by adjusting the dial on the machine.

Adjustable Cutting Blade

Use this adjustable cutting blade feature to change the cutting width of the material edges. This will give you perfectly rolled hems and even seams. You can also increase or decrease the needle and blade distance by adjusting the side blade position. With this feature, you can work with thicker fabrics easily.


The Juki MO-104D is a warranty-included serger machine. This makes your purchase secure as well. With this machine, you get a 5-year mechanical warranty. Alongside, there is a 1-year electrical components warranty and a 90-day warranty on labor and service.

The Verdict: Who Is Juki MO-104D Serger For?

The Juki MO 104D is a user-friendly serger that works effortlessly well for beginners and professionals alike. The features we listed here make this serger machine a must-have for all.

It is also a feature-rich machine with good construction quality and design. If you want to get a long-lasting serger machine at an amicable price, then the Juki MO-104D serger best fit for your needs.

Check the Price of the Juki MO-104D on Amazon

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