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Bernina L 450 Sewing Machine Review

When you buy a Bernina machine, whether a sewing machine, coverstitch machine, or overlocker, you know you’re getting a high-quality machine.

The L450 is no exception. It has a unique combination of simplicity and advanced functionality, with a manual overlocker, provides comfort and convenience over an entry-level model.

It’s a wonderful mix of simplicity and functionality that needs upgrading to a more complex, automated model.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned seamstress, the Bernina L 450’s straightforward design will have you cutting, stitching, and finishing professional-looking seams in a single step.


  • An entry-level manual overlocker with upgraded features. Ease and comfort are combined without the exorbitant cost of a high-end model.
  • Lay-in, color-coded tension guides, a handwheel positioning indication, lower looper threader support, and a manual needle threader make manual threading a breeze.


  • This Bernina machine is more expensive than equivalent manual overlockers from other manufacturers. Its cost is comparable to that of sophisticated, automated versions.
  • While the scrap catcher bin is helpful to the sewer, removing and reattaching it is time-consuming. It also obstructs the front cover’s opening and closing when attached.

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Stitch Options

The Bernina L 450 has sixteen built-in stitch choices, allowing the sewist to pick from a variety of finishing alternatives:

  • 4-thread overlock
  • 3-thread overlock (wide or narrow)
  • 3-thread super-stretch
  • 3-thread flatlock (wide or narrow)
  • 3-thread narrow seam
  • 3-thread rolled hem
  • 3-thread picot stitch
  • 2-thread overlock (wide or narrow)
  • 2-thread flatlock (wide or narrow)
  • 2-thread rolled hem
  • 2-thread wrapped overlock (wide or narrow)


  • 1200 stitches per minute are the stitching speed.
  • 2-3-4 threads
  • 3 to 9 mm stitch width
  • Differential Feed: 0.7 to 2
  • 2 LED lights for illumination

Patented Micro Thread Control (MTC)

Bernina’s unique tension adjustment mechanism swiftly perfects every stitch regardless of the stitch selection or thread amount.

The tension mechanism fine-tunes the looper threads to suit the cut edge for accurate placement in a single step.

As a result, the time spent on test sew-outs to establish the correct tension settings is cut in half.

Cut-Off Bin

Fabric trimmings are collected in a specifically constructed cut-off bin attached to the front of the L 450. This aids in the organization of your workstation.

The bin acts as a storage space for the foot pedal while the machine is not in use.

Handwheel Position Indicator Window

With a handy handwheel position indication window, the L 450 makes threading a breeze.

When the red bar on the handwheel is aligned with the black triangle in the handwheel position indication, open the looper cover and set the handwheel to the high position for threading.

Foot Lifter with Two-Step Presser and Tension Release

Both lightweight and heavier materials may be accommodated with a two-stage presser foot lifter. Push the presser foot lifter up until the normal lift height is reached.

Press up on the presser foot lifter even further and activate the front foot lift to negotiate heavier textiles beneath the foot.

Lift the presser foot after sewing your seams, and all of the thread tensions will relax, allowing for easy fabric removal. Until you lower the presser foot again, the thread tensions are released.

Variable Cutting Width and Retractable Blade

A serger differs from a regular sewing machine in that it has a set of blades that cut the fabric(s) while it sews.

By changing the knife’s location and controlling the cutting width parameters, the sewist may modify the size of the loops stitched by the serger.

The retractable cutting blade allows you rapidly disengage the knives if you’re working on a project that doesn’t require the cloth ends to be trimmed.

This is a good option when you don’t want to switch to your sewing machine in the middle of a project.

Lay-in Tension Guides

The threads travel through what may appear to be a chaotic maze of tension knobs and hooks when setting up some overlock machines.

It’s without a doubt the most difficult idea to grasp and the source of the greatest aggravation while using a serger.

To make hand threading easier, the L 450 does away with tension disks and hooks. Follow the color-coded instructions to place your thread in the channels and set the tension fast and.


Bernina provides a 20-year warranty on mechanical components, a 5-year warranty on printed circuit boards, and a 2-year warranty on all electrical components.


Bernina’s L 450 is a unique blend of fundamental serger capabilities and comfort enhancements, making even the most inexperienced user produce professional-looking results.

This overlocker creates high-quality stitches and wave-free seams at any speed, thanks to its simple, ergonomic threading and unique micro thread management.

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