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Brother XR9550PRW vs. CS6000i Sewing Machine Comparison & Review

Brother XR9550PRW and CS6000i are two entry-level sewing machine. Although they are very similar, they have subtle differences that prioritize one over the other when looking for specific applications.

In this article, we will compare the features of two Brother models: XR9550PRW and CS6000i. If you are not sure which to choose, this comparison would help you make a wise choice.

Overview of Brother XR9550PRW

Brother XR9550PRW is a computerized, light-weight, user-friendly, feature-rich sewing equipment. The machine suits beginners best, although it can be used to meet professional experts’ demands.

It comes with 110 built-in stitches, including decorative, utility, heirloom, and 8 different one-step buttonhole styles. Any desired stitch type can be chosen by rotating the dial and customized to suit you the best.

The model works smoothly and with lesser noise even when operated at its maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute. A quick set jam-resistant bobbin system and an automatic threading unit save you a huge amount of time.

LEDs illuminate the workspace of Brother XR9550PRW to facilitate easy sewing in low-lit environments. Besides, 8 types of presser feet help in blind hemming, zipping, buttonholing, monogramming, button sewing, overcasting, zigzag, and quilting.

Further, a large back-lit LCDs the controls selected, a wide extension table that facilitates working on bulky projects, a free arm that eases sewing of cylindrical fabrics, and an instruction manual that outlines its setup and use.

What I Like About Brother XR9550PRW

I love its feature of being light in weight that makes it most suitable for being carried from place to place.

I like the versatility offered in terms of built-in stitch types that caters to the best for my creative needs.

Besides these, I love the easy accessibility and controllable features offered by the machine, which considerably lowers my effort.

What I Don’t Like Brother XR9550PRW

I am unhappy that Brother XR9550PRW does not perform too well on thicker fabrics compared to cotton.

The model does not seem suitable for heavy-duty applications, making it quite a second choice for workers like me!

I don’t like making this model too much as it has a few flimsy and plastic-made parts, making it non-durable and non-robust.

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Overview of Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i is computerized equipment that suits well the requirement of both stitchings as well as quilting. Although laden with easy-to-use features, it is more recommended for an expert rather than a beginner.

It imbibes 60 built-in stitches that can be customized in terms of their length and width. This includes 7 one-step auto buttonholing options, 6 heirloom stitches, 20 regular stitches, 7 quilting stitches, and 20 decorative stitches.

The model is fitted with many appealing controls like start/stop button, stitch selector, speed adjuster, reverse stitch selector, and needle positioner. Besides, there is an automatic threader that works in conjunction with the top drop-in bobbin system.

Brother CS6000i  imbibes 9 different presser feet that include walking foot, blind stitch foot, overcasting foot, zigzag foot, buttonhole foot, spring action quilting monogramming zipper foot, and button fitting foot.

Furthermore, the model is supplied with an extra-wide table, built-in free arm, and an accessory pouch that contains a spool pin, seam ripper, screwdriver, cleaning brush, needles, twin needles, bobbins, and eyelet punch.

What I Like About Brother CS6000i

I love the easy-to-use features of Brother CS6000i, like responsive controls and automatic units, as they make their use very easy.

This model is relatively simple to maintain as it demands no more than occasional cleaning and lubrication.

Another feature that makes it my choice of preference is the good number of accessories supplied with it!

What I Don’t Like Brother CS6000i

When I sew at high speeds with this model, the thread from the spool pops off as there is a spool cap. This checks my ability to use the machine at high speeds affecting my delivery time.

I feel that the LEDs do not illuminate the area with sufficient brightness as I find it difficult to sew at nighttime, especially when I use dark-colored fabrics.

Moreover, I don’t like the needle threader’s design in Brother CS6000i as it is plastic-made and quite inconsistent with use.

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Differences Between Brother XR9550PRW and Brother CS6000i

In this section, Brother XR9550PRW and Brother CS6000i are mutually compared in terms of stitch numbers, quilting stitches, sewing speed, free-motion capability, number of buttonhole styles offered, etc.

Built-in Stitch Number

Brother XR9550PRW offers 110 different stitch types as opposed to Brother CS6000i that comes with 60 built-in patterns. These include decorative, zigzag, straight, and other types. However, only XR9550PRW provides you monogramming option using a single lettering font.

Sewing Speed

Both Brother XR9550PRW and CS6000i operate at a maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute. Nonetheless, you can adjust the machine’s speed to best suit your need and the type of fabric being handled in either case.

Sewing Machine Type

Both Brother XR9550PRW and Brother CS6000i are computerized sewing machines offering high-quality stitches. Most of their characteristics are electronically controllable and thus are much intuitive and easy-to-operate than manual ones.

Buttonhole Style Number

Brother XR9550PRW is featured with 8 buttonhole styles, while the Brother CS6000i has one less, 7. However, the quality of the edge stitching accomplished is appreciable and well comparable in either case.

Drop Feed or Free Motion

Both Brother XR9550PRW and CS6000i support free motion as a drop feed system characterize them. Thus, you can turn the fabric along any desired direction at great ease, creating complex design patterns.

Quilting Stitches

Quilting stitches are built into the model in the case of Brother XR9550PRW as well as Brother CS6000i. This assists you readily create unique customized quilt designs each time you start working on a new project.

Accessory Storage

Both Brother XR9550PRW and CS6000i come with an accessory storage space that aids you in better organize your sewing accessories. The result will be a clutter-free workspace and easy accessibility of the needed things right in one shot!