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Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine Review

The Janome Memory Craft 400E embroidery-only machine has a wide embroidery field, a big collection of built-in embroidery designs, and several customization options.

Not only can you alter designs and monograms on the full-color touchscreen, but you can also access a range of useful tips and tutorials.

You may use the USB connection to upload your designs, as well as ones you’ve purchased or acquired from the internet.

While the cost of this machine may be frightening, it is an excellent piece of equipment for expert users.


  • Setup and stitching are quick and straightforward for experienced users thanks to the innovative technology in the Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine.
  • The full-color LCD touchscreen provides a wide range of editing possibilities.
  • This embroidery-only machine’s sturdy design and weight minimize operational noise to a minimum.


  • The 400E is a professional-level machine with advanced features and functions that cost a lot of money.
  • There are no software CDs included in the package. They may be bought individually or as part of a bonus package.

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Options for Stitching

Te 160 built-in patterns and six typefaces provide a wide range of ornamental stitch choices. Unique appliques, bespoke fabric flag garlands, and even tiny embroidered bracelets utilizing a tear-away stabilizer are just a few of the creative possibilities.

When working on table runners, bed linens, or curtains, you may program the machine to replicate embroidery designs to make a bigger square or circular design.

A Gothic typeface, script font, Cheltenham font, and three distinct Cyrillic fonts are the six font possibilities.

Each monogram’s position may be changed to left-justify, center-justify, or right-justify. You may also have the monogram embroidered in an arc form, either upper or below.

When each letter is embroidered, the machine comes to a complete halt. Only the .jef file format is supported by this machine.


  • Speed: Adjustable 400 to 860 stitches per minute
  • Threads: 2
  • Light: LED
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 26.1 inches by 21.2 inches by 22 inches

Full-Color LCD Touchscreen

Enlarging and decreasing, rotating, grouping and flipping pictures, copying and pasting patterns, merging designs, and embroidering with a single-color thread are just a few of the features available on the full-color LCD touchscreen.

While the machine is embroidering, you may also program jump thread trimming if the thread is 3mm or longer and change the stitch per minute speed between 400 and 860 SPM.

Automatic Needle Threader

An automated threader is one of the most useful features of any embroidery or sewing machine. This greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to set up the machine for usage.

The machine will automatically do the job for you if you merely raise the threader control knob.

If the needle or bobbin thread breaks or runs out, this type will immediately stop the machine.

Easy-Set Bobbin

Install a thread spool on the machine, pass the thread through the guides and onto the bobbin, then lock the bobbin into position and step on the foot pedal. The Janome 400E’s top-loading complete rotary hook bobbin can be wound with fresh thread quickly and effortlessly.

When the bobbin is filled, the built-in cutting blade cuts the thread.


The Janome Memory Craft 400E comes with a 25-year mechanical parts guarantee, a 2-year electrical component warranty, and a one-year labor warranty.

The machine comes with a 5-year countrywide extended warranty when you buy the bonus bundle for this model.


When it comes to embroidery machines, the Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine is a big investment, but the number of features and functions more than makeup for it if you want high-quality output and years of usage.

You may use the full-color touchscreen to customize built-in patterns and lettering, or you can use the USB connection to import your creative work.

The extra-wide workspace and big 7.9-inch by 7.9-inch embroidery hoop provide you more freedom when working.

There are four more hoop sizes to choose from. While this machine is a little difficult for novices, there are plenty of features and built-in lessons to get you up and running.

This model is big, sturdy, and well-made. Even more, it sews like a dream, producing near-perfect embroidery patterns, decorations, and monograms every time.

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