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JUKI MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine Review

JUKI outdid itself as one of the leading serger makers by developing this blazing fast, professional-grade serger that stitches at 1,350 per minute.

This JUKI MCS-1500 is a three-needle chain stitch and cover stitch machine with excellent, long-lasting seams and edgework. It glides through knits, wovens, and other texturally diverse materials with ease.


  • The JUKI MCS-1500 stitches at a mind-boggling 1,350 stitches per minute.
  • This model comes with an easy-to-understand user’s handbook and an educational instructional film in English and Japanese.
  • This machine can do 3-thread or 4-thread chain stitches and cover stitches with three needles.
  • JUKI blends high-quality craftsmanship with simplified simplicity of use to create a durable product.


  • This machine is significantly heavier than other portable versions, weighing about 20 pounds.
  • This professional-grade machine is somewhat more expensive than other versions because of its greater features and functions.

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Stitch Options

With an automated rolled hem stitching option, a 1-2-3-4 color-coded thread capability, and a breakaway threading looper, the MCS-1500 is a powerful yet portable serging machine.

Because of the adjustable stitch and feed length feature, all sorts of work may be readily handled. Even on stretchy fabrics like georgette, satins, and knits, the adjustable differential feed allows you to add exquisite finishing to your work.

This model comes with a multi-purpose foot that allows you to use a variety of specialty stitches and effortlessly incorporate tape, piping, and elastic into your work.


  • Speed: 1,350 Stitches per Minute
  • Threads: 1-2-3-4
  • Color-Coded: Yes
  • Light: Yes

Automatic Roll Hemming

The machine’s automated roll hemmer hides and secures the fabric’s edges by rolling the edge of the cloth over itself two times. After then, the roll is stitched over while still coiled up.

There are two options for the MCS-1500’s automated rolled hem function. The first lets you roll over the hem’s end, while the second adds durability with a strong overlock stitch.

With either approach, the automated hemming mechanism gives clothes and upholstery the cleanest edge imaginable.

Super Easy Looper Threading

On this type, threading the looper is as simple as pressing a button.

Presser Foot Lifter

When first starting to sew, the presser foot is taller at the tip to enable simple fabric insertion.

It may also be readily increased to heights of 8mm or 10mm, allowing for the use of heavier materials.

Extension Plate with Seam Guides

Easy-to-read seam instructions on the Juki’s extension plate assist in regulating straight stitching and achieve professional-grade results.

Presser Foot Pressure Adjustments

This feature gives consumers greater control over their sewing projects.

The presser foot pressure may be changed to match the cloth type.

This function prevents stretching and bunching, which is very useful when working with specialized materials.

Exterior Thread Cutter

The MCS-1500’s knife system has its motor, ensuring smooth, clean cutting for specialty threads used on textiles of all weights and textures. Every cut is professional, clean, and safe.


All electrical components, including the light assembly, motor, switchboards, and cabling, are covered by a 2-year guarantee on every JUKI MCS-1500.

For “all other parts,” a 5-year guarantee is included, as well as a 90-day free-labor grace period for any necessary repairs.

All Juki machine warranties are only applicable if the machine is operated in a domestic environment rather than a commercial setting.

The Verdict

Buyers unfamiliar with serging found the instructions and video to be quite informative and the machine to be highly user-friendly.

The machine’s numerous needles, according to experienced users, are simple to thread and create a smooth, uniform stitch on a variety of materials.

This machine’s added features and functions make it well worth the money.

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