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Juki MO-114D Serger Review

This Juki model could be precisely what you’re searching for if you’re new to sergers and want to start with a low-cost, user-friendly machine.

With its lay-in threading mechanism, Juki has managed to make almost every function on this lightweight portable, as simple as turning a dial, reducing the anxiety and difficulties normally associated with threading a serger.

This well-designed serger creates stitches that are comparable to those produced by considerably more costly machines.


  • The Juki MO-114D’s simplicity of use is ideal for novices.
  • The handbook includes clear, step-by-step instructions for threading and operating the machine.
  • Juki’s renowned craftsmanship ensures quiet operation even at high speeds.


  • This machine requires the use of specialized serger needles (130R / 705H).

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Stitch Options

The Juki MO-114D not only has 9 built-in stitches, but it also allows you to alter stitch length options by twisting a dial on the right side of the machine.

Stitch lengths range from 1 millimeter to 4 millimeters. You may change the thread widths from rolled hem to narrow overlock stitching in one seamless movement by moving the same dial to the correct setting.


  • Speed: 1,500 stitches per minute
  • Threads: 2-3-4
  • Color-Coded: Yes
  • Light: Bulb
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 12.4 inches by 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches

Lay-in Thread Tension Slots

Threading is as simple as placing the threads in their color-coded slots and not having to worry about wrapping them around anything.

Before beginning the simple threading procedure, press the thread into the right guide on top of the machine until it snaps into place.

Lower looper threading is even easier with the lower looper threader. By hooking the thread and pressing a lever, it may be done in seconds.

Adjustable Differential Feed

This adjustable differential feed guarantees excellent gathers and clean, flat stitches with a ratio of 0.7 mm to 2 mm.

You may get several different effects by just changing the dial while using the machine.

Automatic Rolled Hemming

With the Juki MO-114’s built-in fingertip control, you can make beautiful, crisp rolled hems fast and effortlessly without changing the foot or throat plate.

The newly cut edge of the cloth is rolled over before being encased in a strong, secure overlock stitch using this function.

Easy Thread Tension Adjusting

Adjusting the thread tension is as simple as pulling a lever placed in the machine’s front center.

While the optimal tension level for most knit fabrics and serger threads is usually about 4, the proper tension setting might vary greatly depending on the fabric and threads you’re using.

Finding the correct tension level for each job will be a breeze with a setting range of 1 to 9.

Adjustable Cutting Knife

The cutting knife’s location may be changed quickly to achieve precisely shaped rolled edges and seams.

With the turn of a dial, the position of the side blade may be changed.

To suit a certain fabric type or thickness or to produce unique stitches like a rolled hem, you may adjust the distance between the knife and the needle.


This Juki model includes a 5-year mechanical warranty, a 1-year warranty on electrical components, and a 90-day warranty on labor and service.

The Verdict

The Juki MO-114D is one of the Juki line’s most well-known, durable, and prolific models. Any other machine of the same age and serge class can’t compete with the lay-in threading capability.

The quality of the design, features, and craftsmanship belies the low price. It exemplifies why Juki is regarded as a leading serger maker.

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