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Top 3 Best Sewing Machines for BioThane

Looking for the best sewing machines for BioThane? BioThane® products are coated webbing products by BioThane brand produced by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. This fabric comes with a PVC or TPU coating on a polyester webbing base. It is durable, easy to clean, weldable, and water-proof.

Thus you can use this material for sewing working dog collars, leads, harnesses, police dog collars, and more. But choosing a sewing machine for BioThane material can be tough, as most standard sewing machines come with a weaker needle and cannot handle the thick BioThane fabrics.

So you will need a heavy-duty domestic sewing machine or an industry-level machine for a smooth and safe sewing experience.

With a myriad of excellent selections out there, how to choose the best one? That’s why I prepared a list of high-performing BioThane sewing machines for the most heavy-duty ones.

Why is BioThane® Material Better Than Leather?

BioThane® material is stronger and more durable than leather. And it is easier to maintain as it is cleanable using water. You get it in different colors, and it is useful in several ways.

Top 3 Best Sewing Machine for BioThane® Material

#1. Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine

This computerized sewing machine from Brother’s is another name for reliable and user-friendly products. It produces state-of-art sewing machines that come with excellent standards yet easy to operate, making them even beginner-friendly.

It has several unique features that make it suitable to handle even heavy fabrics with ease. Along with stitching through multiple layers, it is also useful for regular stitching, making heirloom and decorative stitches and one-buttonhole stitches.

Using this sewing machine, you can do versatile jobs due to its 37 pre-programmed stitch patterns that come built-in with this machine. The half-automatic needle threading option allows you to focus on stitching without the need to waste time on making the thread go through the needle.

The drop-in bobbin is jam-free and ensures a smooth sewing process. You can select the stitch from the right side dial by turning it. It comes with a digital screen where you can see the stitch you selected.

Since it can sew 800 stitches per minute, it is suitable for sewing BioThane fabric. Also, the free arm supports sewing curvy or closed patterns effortlessly. Even embroidery is easier due to the free arm.

The presser foot types presented with this machine are useful in several ways. You can put on a zipper easily using the zipper foot, which is usually a tough job without one.

Also, the buttonhole foot and button sewing foot eliminates the need to hand sew them and finish the job elegantly within minutes. Similarly, the zig-zag foot, blind foot, and non-stick foot come in handy in working on sewing projects and give amazing results.

It is an affordable sewing machine that requires less maintenance but still capable of sewing a wide variety of fabrics. You can set it up easily and achieve a quality stitch that is good enough to last long. The LED bulb is useful in making your projects look better as you get ample light in your work area.

Though it is not an industrial-grade machine in strict terms, it does provide you with almost the results of an industrial-grade machine at a lesser cost.

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#2. Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine

The Janome HD3000 is durable as it possesses the required stability and strength to deal with thick fabrics. This machine’s presser foot is designed to hold the fabric perfectly, and the machine pierces its needle through multiple layers effortlessly.

Along with regular stitch, you get various stitch patterns such as zig-zag, zipper, buttonhole maker, etc. Using these different built-in stitches, you can perform versatile sewing projects and achieve elegant output.

The heavy-duty metal-made machine is solidly built and has enough strength to deal with heavyweight fabrics. Its automatic needle threader saves you time and effort by automatically threading the needle in seconds.

You get a high presser foot which facilitates lifting the presser foot based on the thickness of the fabric. Reverse stitching is another helpful function that aids you in increasing the durability of the stitches.

Another mention-worthy feature is the auto bobbin winder, which automatically fills the thread and stops automatically once the bobbin is full. A dial is provided on the right-hand side of the machine that is useful in selecting the stitch pattern.

Comfortable threading and excellent bobbin-related facilities are a boon for both beginners and advanced seamstresses. The feed dog has 5 pieces ensuring smooth movement of the fabric while you sew.

This easy-to-operate machine comes with sturdy construction and is useful for stitching heavy fabrics. Along with sewing BioThane fabric, you can use it for quilting also. Due to heavy build, it might be difficult to move it from one place to another, so make sure you place it in a suitable area without any need for moving it.

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#3. Singer Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine

Singer is the pioneer in manufacturing sewing machines, making them the most experienced company in this field. The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 comes from such a lineage and features computerized electronic working.

This sewing machine is suitable for sewing most kinds of fabrics, including the BioThane fabric. It can easily and comfortably complete the job as it is well equipped to do so.

You get 11 built-in stitch patterns that come pre-programmed with the machine, which are accessible using the dial. By rotating the dial provided in front of the machine, you can choose the appropriate stitch for your project.

Its strong body is sturdy enough to withstand heavy-duty as it is made of high-quality metal. Even the bedplate is durable as it is made from stainless steel and ensures smooth gliding of your fabric.

The drop-in facility of the bobbin makes it easier to work with the bobbin, which is usually a tricky part, especially for beginners. Since the high presser foot lifter helps you lift the presser foot high, you can easily stack the layers of fabric or thick fabrics under the needle.

The feed dog adjustment possibly helps you set it at the proper position for various fabrics to move forward without sticking to the bedplate. It has an efficiency of 1100 stitches per minute that aids you with excellent speed to complete your projects in time.

The work area is equipped with an LED light that helps you focus on your fabric and allows you to see clearly to make precise stitches. Its strong body, easy operation, fast stitching rate, affordability, and comfortable threading are what most users appreciate.

Though it runs at high speed, it does not vibrate like many other sewing machines, even when working with heavy fabrics. Hence this is termed a high-quality product that can sew together multiple layers of fabric or thick fabrics gracefully.

This poise is what makes it stand out from other sewing machines, along with its ease of use. Even if the number of stitches it offers is less, it is still enough for most users and comes at an amicable price.

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