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Tacony AH100 American Home Review

This entry-level serger machine is lightweight (19 lbs.) and offers a lot of functions at a low price. The Tacony AH100 offers nine stitch functions and an easily disengaged external cutting blade, in addition to three unique presser feet included with each purchase.

Because of the threading area’s limited size, the instructions are tiny and difficult to see, and the procedure might be tough. However, once threading is learned, the serger operates admirably, providing stability, variety, and flawless work.

Although it lacks many bells and whistles seen on more complicated machines, this sturdy, no-frills serger provides all of the essential functions every serger user requires.

The sturdy suction cups on the base keep the machine from moving while in operation, and the differential feed allows for rapid, smooth stitching on a variety of materials.

Owners who are new to serging find the handbook and DVD quite useful, and the equipment is described as user-friendly. This machine’s simple yet useful features and functionalities make it well worth the money.


  • Tacony AH100 comes with a 36-minute instructional DVD and two instruction manuals packed with easy-to-follow instructions and user-friendly recommendations.
  • The Tacony AH100 has a built-in handle on the top of the machine, making it even easier to move this lightweight machine.
  • Suction cups affixed to the machine’s base provide extremely secure and smooth functioning.


  • The labor warranty is only good for 90 days.
  • The stitch width and length, as well as the tension, must all be adjusted by hand.
  • The outside door has very small color-coded instruction stickers fastened to it.
  • There isn’t a waste receptacle.

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Stitch Options

Three or four-thread overlock stitching or two-thread serging are among the AH100’s nine stitch options. It has an adjustable stitch length function that makes gathering, ornamental stitching, and flatlock seams easier. Stitch lengths and widths may be changed manually from 1 to 4mm. The left needle’s width may be adjusted between 6.2mm and 7.2mm, while the right’s width can be adjusted between 4mm and 5mm.


  • Product Dimensions:13 by 9-3/5 by 11-4/5 inches
  • Speed: 1,100 Stitches per Minute
  • Threads: 4/3/2 color-coded EZ threading
  • Color-Coded: Yes (inside looper cover)
  • Light: Yes
  • Features

Extension Table

When making cuffs, hems, or sleeves work, a simple, easy-to-use swing-out extension exposes a useful free arm, giving users more utility and adaptability.

Looper Threading

A threading chart is included in the outer cover of this machine. The chart’s decreased size, on the other hand, can make it difficult to read. Furthermore, because the chart is a decal, it may become readily removed with time and frequent use. Because of the smaller threading area, threading the machine might be more time-consuming than threading other sergers.

Dual Thread Cutters

The twin cutters on the Tacony AH100 perform an excellent job of cutting cleanly and maintaining a sharp edge. The disadvantage is that if the upper blade becomes broken or chipped, the machine must be sent to a qualified technician for replacement. By disengaging the blade, then unscrewing and removing it, you can easily replace the lower blade.


The American Home AH 100, made by Tacony, comes with a 25-year limited guarantee on the machine, a 10-year warranty on mechanical parts, a one-year warranty on electrical parts and components, and a 90-day labor expenditure limit. The warranties do not cover regular wear and tear or any work done by unlicensed repair professionals.

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