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Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA Review

The Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA is a sewing machine for all types of sewers—beginners, intermediate, and expert- level.

This machine’s maximum stitch speed is 850 stitches per minute, and it has 155 stitch types. The best part of this machine is the wide detachable table, which lets you take up even large projects. Also, it comes with a wide range of accessories.

Limiting the Brother CX155LA sewing machine to just a single user type is equal to doing injustice. Let me tell you the reason behind making the above statement. After taking one look at this model, most people think this is a complex and complicated machine. However, it is not.

This sewing machine is just a single step ahead of the basic or the regular sewing machine that most seamstresses use.

Although the entry-level sewers can start with the basics and then build their way up, the professional sewers can unleash their creative sides and go wild with this machine.

They can easily experiment with the numerous alphanumeric features and the stitch patterns built in this model.

Well, there is more.

If you are a sewer that usually takes up big projects, then you might be interested in knowing that the Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA sewing machine comes along with a working table, which ensures that you have extra working space while dealing with larger fabrics.

You can use this model for sewing blankets, gowns, and so on. However, you have to refrain from using it for thick and top batting as it won’t fit under the presser foot.

This makes the model an ideal one for both beginners and expert sewers dealing with larger fabrics. If you plan to use denim fabric on this machine, you will be surprised to know that multiple layers of denim fabric will go through the machine without any problem.

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What I Like About Brother CX155LA

Few things that are noteworthy about this machine are that it is beginner-friendly, has great customer support, is lightweight and movable, and has a wide number of stitches.

#1. Beginner-Friendly

This model is straightforward to use, and the features are so designed that the experience is pretty straight forward and painless.

Moreover, it is also versatile. This machine is a great one as it won’t slow you down as you hone your sewing craft while also assisting in getting more creative.

#2 Large and Wide Workspace Table

You might be unsure that as the workspace table is so large, it won’t be sturdy enough. However, this is not the case.

This table is so sturdy that it can easily handle multiple piles of fabric on it. The workstation’s wideness allows you to take on larger projects without any fumble and fuss easily.

#3. Mobility and Lightness

Despite the machine being sturdy, it is also light in weight and easily movable from one place to another.

This makes it easy for any beginner or a hobbyist sewer who does not have a dedicated workspace to do their projects and constantly organize themselves.

People who usually want more space can easily store this machine in any cupboard or closet.

#4. Stitch and Feet

Expert level sewers know that they can do just so much when they have access to multiple stitch types and feet.

With the Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA sewing and quilting machine, you can easily create a wide variety of designs with the various stitches and feet.

#5. Customer Service

When you purchase this sewing machine, you won’t be left hanging. There have been reports that the customer service is excellent, and all the queries and concerns are handled skillfully and efficiently.

If you face any problem, contact customer service, and they will handle your concern.

What I Don’t Like About Brother CX155LA

Some of the unpleasant things about this model are its struggle with thick material, smelly lubricant, and lack of visibility due to design.

#1. Lack of Visibility due to Design

Even though this model’s curved design is quite appealing in the visual sense, it makes the upper portion of the sewing machine positioned at a shallow point. This makes it difficult for the user to see the foot and the needle, so it is also hard to quickly catch the errors.

#2. Thick Material Struggle

This machine is so designed that it suites fabrics of all weights, sizes, and thicknesses. However, some users reported that they had difficulty while sewing with thicker or multiple layered fabrics.

This leads to limitations when working with quilts. You might need to switch to a heavy-duty needle while using a thicker fabric.

#3. Smelly Lubricant

Some of the users reported that the lubricant emits an unpleasant smell. Though it is not a common complaint, it is a thing to consider if you have a sensitive nose or allergies.

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Frame & Design

The Brother Laura Ashley CX155LA quilting and sewing machine are both appealing and modern. It has a curved, sturdy, and smooth base.

The floral designs on the top in red and pink colors surrounding the view screen and the labeled buttons contrast with the otherwise white machine, enhancing the machine’s appeal.

This also serves as an inspiration for creative and embroidery projects while making it a welcome addition to any room, apart from it being a practical one.

This model’s weight is 11 pounds, and it is not too heavy to move from one place to another.

The lightweight is a surprise given the larger work area than the average work area for most machines. However, this is a welcome surprise.


#1. Built-In Stitches

This machine has 155 built-in stitches. These stitches include 8 auto-size one-step buttonhole stitches and also, 55 alphanumeric font stitches for monogramming projects.

The buttonhole stitches can be used on both heavier and lightweight fabrics, all based on the project’s requirement at hand.

With these many stitches available, you are bound to develop your style as a designer!

#2. Speed Control

The fastest speed that this machine can go at is 850 stitches per minute.

So, it is fast. This way, you can finish most of your projects in a minimal amount of time.

#3. Large Sewing Space

The benefit of using this machine is that it has a 33% wider work area than most average machines and also has an even wider detachable table for larger projects.

Therefore, you can tailor your sewing space according to the type of project at hand, and still, you will have an ample amount of space.

#4. Automatic Settings

To ensure that life gets a little easier than it already is and that beginners also get into the world of sewing with added enthusiasm, the Brother adds features to their machine like the drop-in bobbin and the automatic needle threading system so that frustrating and daunting tasks now become as easy as a breeze.

This will make it easy to adjust with a new machine or sewing, and before one knows it, these features will become necessary in our sewing machines.

#5. Lighting

This might seem like a tiny feature to put on this list. However, those who have bad eyesight or who regularly work in dim light will be extremely thankful for the well- lit LCD and the bright workspace.

This way, you don’t have to take any guesswork while doing your projects, and as you are actually seeing what you are doing, there is a lesser chance for mistakes.

If you are lost, you can easily see on the LCD screen, and you also don’t have to move around a lot while trying to thread your needle.

#6. Feed Dogs

The feed dog system of the Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA is a 7 point system, and it ensures that the fabric has quality stitches, regardless of the thickness of the fabric.

It allows you to stitch in a single time without making corrections to your stitches and ensuring that you do a lot in less time.

What fabrics can Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA work well with?

Thin fabrics, stretchy fabrics, and denim are some of the types of fabrics that the Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA works well with.

Are you an enthusiast of interior design? Do you get fascinated by your very own creations? If yes, then the CX155LA model is the right sewing machine that you must be considering.

Owing to the 7 point feed dog system, you can enjoy personalized and high-quality stitches on fabrics that are—

  • Stretchy such as spandex
  • Thin such as silk
  • Multiple layers of denim

The Brother Laura Ashley CX155LA sewing machine’s detachable table ensures 33% more space for you to work. Thus, it makes an excellent choice while working on larger projects.

As the table is detachable, you can easily remove it when it is no longer needed while working on smaller projects. This machine is suitable for almost all, if not all, types of fabrics.

#7. Automatic Thread Cutter of Brother CX155LA

Almost all of the sewers like it if their sewing machine has an automatic thread cutter.

It allows you to easily complete your project without having the hassle of looking for the place where you last placed your pair of scissors.

While some of the fancier and expensive sewing machines have a button to cut the thread, the Bother CX155LA sewing machine requires you to cut the tread with the thread cutter that it comes with manually.

If you concentrate and look sharply, you will notice the two blades made of metal, one on each side for both bobbin thread and needle thread.

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Will I Get Even Stitches With It?

Yes, this model ensures that you get even stitches that have a neat and professional finish.

Even stitches are a must if you are to have a professional finish. When you have a sewing machine that can both quilt and sews, one of the main requirements is to have adjustable functions to ensure the stitches’ neatness and evenness.

On this note, the Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA does justice. It easily stitches through thick layers of fabric. Also, the 7 point feed dog system ensures that the stitches are of excellent quality.

This, along with the jam-resistant, top-load, drop-in bobbin, assures you that the bobbin will stay in its required place and will work to deliver reliable and highly desired stitches.

Is Its Presser Foot Adjustable?

Yes, the presser foot is adjustable.

It can get a bit frustrating when you are sewing smoothly, and the pace makes you get lost in the process only to get stuck at the thicker seams. At this moment, you might even want to give out a little scream, don’t you?

Well, with the current model, you don’t have to take this stress anymore. It has a presser foot-locking pin, which ensures that it goes over the thicker seams as easily and smoothly as it does on the thinner ones.

Can It Be Used for Monogramming?

Yes, this model can be used for monogramming.

It is beneficial to have a sewing machine that can do letters because you can easily put labels onto your fabrics.

The Brother Laura Ashley machine consistently and easily does the basic monogramming.

Ensure that before you even do the monogramming on your fabric, you set the spacing correctly and test the work on another piece of fabric because the stitches are firm.

If there is a mistake with the space setting, you might have to get another fabric and start anew, as removing the stitches will be a strenuous task.

The only downside of this model is that it just has only a single font available for monogramming, and therefore, you cannot change the font size.

Can You Quilt with This Sewing Machine?

Yes, the Brother Laura Ashley machine is a quilting machine.

Quilting is a fun process. However, it can be made difficult if one does not use the right machine for quilting. To quilt successfully, one needs a large working area so that the fabric can be moved around easily and, drop feed dog system.

With the CX155LA model, quilting enthusiasts can easily quilt in as many quilt patterns as they wish.

Does It Come with Twin Needles?

Yes, the Brother CX155LA comes with twin needles.

If you are a fan of decorative and creative stitches, you will be elated to know that this sewing machine comes with twin needles that work jointly to ensure that your creative work becomes a reality.

You can work your way from the top to the bottom and enjoy your favorite projects’ embellishment.

How Fast Can Brother CX155LA Thread?

The Brother CX155LA has an automatic needle threader, and it can do the threading fast.

There were days when people would dismiss a sewing project just so that they would avoid threading.

However, this computerized sewing machine has an auto needle threader feature to save you eye strain and time.

This ensures that threading the needle is a quick process, and it won’t even make you realize the time you could have spent looking for the needle’s eye.

You will appreciate this feature even more if you are a sewer that sews décor patterns and has to switch between different threads all the time.

Included Accessories

The current model has a full set of accessories and can accommodate a wide range of users and projects. This set includes—

  • Large LCD
  • Large wide table
  • Button sewing foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • The automatic needle threading system
  • Monogramming foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Zigzag foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • ¼” Quilting foot
  • Quilting foot
  • Walking foot
  • Twin needle
  • Needle set
  • Accessory bag
  • Quilting Guide
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning brush
  • Seam ripper
  • Ballpoint needle
  • Eyelet punch
  • Bobbin clip
  • Bobbins
  • Extra spool pin
  • Operation manual
  • Instructional DVD


The Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA and the accessories that are included have a 25-year warranty.

This warranty guarantees that the accessories and the machine itself are free from defects in workmanship while used normally.

It does not cover physical damage that is caused by improper maintenance, installation, or use.

The parts, labor, and accessory items have a warranty period that lasts for one year from the machine’s purchase time.

The warranty period of printed circuit boards and electronic components lasts for about 5 years from the machine’s purchase date, but it does not cover the replacement parts.

The chassis casting warranty period lasts for 25 years from the date of purchase.

The Brother recommends that you retain the machine’s receipt because the proof of the purchase receipt usually determines the original purchase date.

For any repair or replacement, the user has to deliver the machine either by hand or by any other means, and the cost of the shipping has to be taken up by the user itself.

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