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Brother CV3440 vs. Brother CV3550 Coverstitch Machine

What are the differences and similarities of Brother CV3440 and Brother CV3550 sewing machines? Brother sewing machines come with advanced technology and features. They are designed for all types of users, providing them an easy and comfortable sewing experience, allowing them to learn and develop their sewing skills within a shorter time.

Brother CV3440 and CV3550 are two cutting-edge coverstitch machines that offer cover hem functionality for a high-quality, sophisticated finish. Their easy-to-use threading systems allow you to handle all types of fabrics and make hemming fabrics a breeze.

In this sewing machine comparison of the Brother CV3440 and Brother CV3550, I will compare these two home sewing machines to give you a better insight into these two models. If you are on the hunt for a versatile Brother sewing machine but have no idea of which to choose, then this comparison is for you.

The following table lists the similarities and differences between the two Brother models: Brother CV3440 and Brother CV3550.

Brother CV3440 vs. Brother CV3550 Comparison Table

ComparisonBrother CV3440Brother CV3550
Built-in stitches47
Workspace6.1" x 3.9"6.1" x 3.9"
Sewing speed (stitches per minute)10001000
Stitch length/width adjustmentStitch Width: 3.0mm ‐ 6.0mm
Stitch Length: 2.0mm ‐ 4.0mm
Stitch Width: 3.0mm - 6.0mm
Stitch Lengt: 2.0mm - 4.0mm
Number of Threads45
Number of Needles33
Thread TensionTouch ReleaseTouch Release
WarrantyLimited 25 yearsLimited 25 years
Free armYesYes
Diff. FeedYesYes
PriceView on AmazonView on Amazon

The Brother CV3440 is a high-end coverstitch sewing machine suitable for both decorative and upholstery. It can handle both light and heavy fabric, so you can use this sewing machine to create high-quality stitches, create professional hems, and beautiful decorative stitching effortlessly.

Featuring a large working space, easy access control, lower looper threading, differential feed, and a vertical needle
that provides extra strength and power for thicker fabrics, and this Brother CV3440 is capable of creating neat and straight stitches on your garments, making it a go-to choice for those looking to add a coverstitch machine to their sewing arsenal

The CV3550 is the advanced version of Brother CV3440, offering all the automatic features that the CV3440 has. But it provides its user additional top cover stitches and a more professional look. Brother CV3550 adapts to a variety of projects and all types of fabrics. Also, its pressure control and the bright LED light allow you to create professional designs and patterns, even in a low-light condition.

Both Brother CV3440 and CV3550 sewing machines ensure you create durable strapping and neat stitches with a professional look. With these two sewing machines, you can expand your design portfolio with an extensive range of cover stitches on all types and weights of fabric for both decorative and functional applications.

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